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    How to Find Windows ColdFusion Hosting Cheap User email from Ben in NYC: I need Windows ColdFusion Web Hosting? Where can I find a web host that offers both Cold Fusion hosting plans and a reliable Windows 2003 hosting platform?

    Our Answer: Windows ColdFusion Web Hosting is one of the more advanced product specs to want in a hosting package Mark. That said, Windows ColdFusion hosting can still be found. Better yet, Windows ColdFusion Web Hosting can be found for less than $10 a month. Keep in mind that Windows hosting is difficult to do and it will be more costly than developing a website under say Linux, but Macromedia's CF community (MX) or otherwise does love the power that Cold Fusion applications bring to web servers. It took us about two hours to review the primary Windows ColdFusion hosting plans we know of. The biggest obstacle in our way to recommending a Windows Cold Fusion hosting package to you was the intial "sticker shock". Many of the Windows ColdFusion web hosting providers wanted $20 or $30 a month for their Windows ColdFusion Hosting plans. Most charged a certain base amount for the Windows hosting aspect, and then added a monthly fee for Cold Fusion support. But instead, we managed to find a cheap and reliable web host that offers low cost Windows ColdFusion Web Hosting for $8.95 per month. Their Windows Cold Fusion hosting package is available for $9.95/mo. on an annual contract. We suggest you, and anyone else who might find this answer to your question for Windows ColdFusion Web hosting, visit them and make IX Web Hosting a top consideration in your Windows ColdFusion web hosting search. The reason our CF host directory ranks them so highly is the combination of reasonable CF hosting prices and outstanding web space and bandwidth allowances. It is very uncommon to find such large hosting account specs on a Windows platform.

    Top Windows ColdFusion Web Hosting Provider #1: IX Web Hosting
    Windows ColdFusion Web Hosting Space: Unlimited CF Hosting Space
    Windows ColdFusion Web Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited CF Bandwidth
    2 Year Windows Hosted Server Account Fee: $8.95/month
    1 Year Hosting Cost: $9.95/month

    Really Cheap ColdFusion Web Hosting Provider #2: HostExcellence
    No Limit Windows ColdFusion Web Hosting Space: Unlimited CF Disk Space
    Budget Windows ColdFusion Web Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited CF Hosting Bandwidth
    2 Year Windows Hosted Server Account Fee: $8.95/month
    1 Year Hosting Cost: $9.95/month

    If you aren't happy with our Windows ColdFusion Web Hosting recommendation, drop us another email telling us why. These hosts have a reputation for hosting the newest versions of Cold Fusion on high quality CF web servers, so we hope you are pleased with our choice. But if not, we will conduct a wider search if you give us more specifics on the exact specs and price points you are willing to consider for your Windows ColdFusion Hosting offer purchase.

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