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  • Web Hosting On SaleA Guide to Finding Web Hosting On SaleHosting Sale

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    Dedicated Servers on Sale from $99/month BlueHost - Hosting More than 500,000 Customers Cheapest Web Hosting Prices - No Sale Needed Unlimited Web Hosting on Promo - Just $4.95

    Mac in Omaha writes us: I need web hosting on sale but can't find any hosts that are running promotions - do you know of any?

    Our Response about Hosting Sales: Website hosting sales run from time to time at various web hosts. These are often difficult to time in terms of your web hosting purchase so many webmasters and website owners just find themselves better off to buy from a low cost web host as opposed to trying to time a hosting sale. Of course, if you do manage upon a hosting provider that is currently running a website hosting sale then you should seriously consider that web host sale. Most hosts put web hosting on sale when they are trying to meet quarterly sales targets or a competitor has launched a new product line and they want to steal the attention away from the other hosting provider.

    As of press time, there are a couple of web hosting companies who are running sales: they are: BlueHost and iPower.

    StartLogic Hosting on Sale

    iPower Hosting on Sale

    On average, if you find web hosts like the above two that are holding web hosting sales you can typically save between 25-35% on your monthly fee equivalent. In addition, another major advantage of locating a hosting company that is currently running a no-limits hosting promotion is that they often reduce the contract period you need to sign. For example, before the sale, StartLogic used to require a two year hosting buy for the best monthly pricing. However, with their current online hosting sale, you can get their best pricing $4.95/mo. with only a one year purchase. Locating hosting providers with website hosting on promo therefore can save you upfront cash and reduce your initial outlay.

    In addition, many dedicated hosting companies will also run special promo pricing on their dedicated servers. These dedicated hosting sales sometimes also offer managed hosting customers the chance to increase their server specs from time to time. Given the higher cost of dedicated vs. shared hosting, those purchasing a multi-hundred dollar hosting solution might want to wait for a hosting sale. Here's a tip though - sometimes if you call the dedicated host and ask them about their web hosting sales they may even knock the price down then-and-there to secure you as a client. It never hurts to ask your potential web host for a discount, if they are not running a promotion at the time.

    Thank you for your website hosting sale inquiry. We will keep this page updated as new hosting sales emerge, so be sure to send us feedback about new web host sales by emailing us at

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