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    WordPress Theme Hosting User Email: What is a WordPress Theme?

    Our Answer: WordPress themes are used to change the layout and design of your WordPress BLOG. There are two WordPress themes that come with the standard installation and are available for use immediately after you install WordPress. These WordPress themes are the WordPress Classic 1.5 theme and the WordPress Default 1.5 theme, also known as the Kubrik WorPress Theme. The Kubrick WordPress Theme has been adopted as the official theme of WordPress and is considered by most basic users of WordPress as the best WordPress Theme and easiest to use.

    There are literally hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of WordPress Themes available. WordPress is an open source project, and therefore many web designers have been provided access to the inner working of WordPress BLOG software in order to create custom WordPress themes. All of the WordPress themes are free and may be downloaded and are very easy to install.

    Free WordPress Themes and Templates for your WordPress BLOG
    Free WordPress Themes and Templates for your WordPress BLOG - Click Here!

    If you are like most WordPress BLOG users, you might find the current free default WordPress theme that comes with the initial installation is not exactly what you are looking for. Either the WordPress theme colors are not right, or the layouts of the columns are not what you want in your WordPress BLOG. There are many options to choose from that will let you change the layout from the standard two column WordPress Theme to a 3 column WordPress Theme. The 3 column WordPress Theme will often include WordPress Widgets that help you control even more layout and design of your WordPress BLOG.

    The best WordPress Theme is the one that works for you. By using a WordPress Theme, you will find it easy to change the layout, color, and design of your WordPress BLOG.

    We want to hear from you about WordPress Theme hosting. Be sure to drop us an email if you find good (or bad) WordPress Theme Hosting accounts.

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