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  • LEAP Control Panel Understanding the LEAP Control PanelL.E.A.P. Panel Hosting

    Learn more about what the LEAP control panel for Dedicated Servers

    David in New Orleans writes in to us: What is SingleHop's LEAP Control Panel for their dedicated servers?

    Our answer: The SingleHop LEAP control panel is an exclusive and free control panel software application developed by SingleHop for their dedicated server products and customers. The LEAP control panel functions to help administrators control all aspects of their dedicated hosting environment. It is considered to be the world's first AJAX-powered webtop for managing a dedicated server. The program was built using the EXTJS control panel.

    The first step to learning more about the LEAP control panel is to test drive it yourself. By clicking here (new window) you can try a DEMO of the LEAP software and explore the features we reviewed. On balance, our LEAP control panel review finds this software to be very useful - especially given that it is included at no cost with many of SingleHop's dedicated servers. One of the best features about the LEAP software for resellers of hosting and sys-admins is the ability to have multiple server administration windows open. Unlike some of the traditional control panels, e.g. Plesk or cPanel, the Single Hop LEAP product allows you to open numerous windows in the course of your duties such as bandwidth monitors, domain installations, and server reboots.

    Among the product attributes of the LEAP control panel application for hosting customers are: the ability to Automatically provision additional servers, Built in SSH and remote desktop client, quick reboots and restarts, detailed bandwidth consumption graphs, billing functionality, and an ability to reinstall your server OS. Importantly, the LEAP control panel is available through SingleHop on both Linux and Windows dedicated servers.

    Given that LEAP is free for SingleHop customers, we find it hard to find many problems with it in our review. From a value for money standpoint, this type of dedicated control panel hosting doesn't get any better. Thanks for your question about the product, we hope our review of the LEAP control panel hosting server platform has been useful. You should take a look at the dedicated hosting plans that include LEAP by clicking here. If you need more information on dedicated servers, you can always check out our Dedicated Server Showcase.


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