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    Find Cheap Webcast Web Hosting

    Joanne in New York asks about webcast hosting services: Where can I find cheap, reliable, and high-quality webcast hosting services? I have audio and video streams that I want to webcast over Internet servers and am looking for a top quality webcast web hosting company.

    Get Low Cost Webcast Hosting and Get A Domain for Free!
    Get Low Cost Webcast Hosting and Get A Domain for Free!

    Our Answer: Thank you for your Webcast hosting question. Before we provide you with our recommendations for the top Webcast web hosting providers, we want to run through a few items that you must recall when reviewing and comparing webcast hosting providers. There are key webcasting hosting points you must keep in mind. First, all Webcast hosting buyers should pay extensive attention to price. No longer do Webcast web hosting buyers have to spend large sums of money to get massive webcast hosting. Instead, there are now some top webcast hosts that deliver premium webcast hosting without a premium on pricing. Cheap webcasting and the ability to purchase cheap webcast hosting is the new norm. Don't spend over $20 a month for a webcasting hosting service. Both HostMonster and BlueHost offer massive webcast hosting plans for under $7 a month.

    Webcast hosting is made easier when you remember that there are two critical elements to good webcast hosting. First, the amount of web space you need for any video and audio files that you intend to webcast is important. Be sure that the size of the cheap webcasting web hosting package in terms of GB of server space has enough room for your files, big or small. Second, check the webcast web hosting service to ensure that the bandwidth or traffic limits you get are reasonable. There is no such thing as good free webcast hosting nor unlimited webcast hosting, so don't expect either. But you can get large bandwidth plans for webcast hosting that include upwards of 15,000GB a month; or 500GB a day. A 500GB per day hosted webcasting service would be very popular and you would likely need something more than a shared hosting server if your webcasts grew to be this popular.

    Webcasting over Internet servers is best achieved by finding a webcasting company, you will save money not having to built the physical yet necessary data center infrastructure required to properly webcast over the Internet. Internet webcasting can also be assisted by the software provided by the web host you are considering. Look to see what free software is included with each webcast hosting plan. Keep in mind that it is often not required to buy a webcast hosting package in and of itself, since if a web host has the right server software installed you can buy a regular web hosting plan instead and still be able to webcast. This can save you all lots of money each month on the pricing you would spend for webcast hosting services.

    Our Three Top Webcast Web Hosting Providers for this Month

    #1 Top Webcast Hosting Web Hosting Service - HostMonster | Most Popular Webcasting
    Webcast Video Hosting Disk Space: Unlimited
    Webcast Video Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited
    2 Year Low Cost Webcast Hosting Offer Price: $5.95/month - ON SALE
    1 Year Discount Webcast Hosting Cost: $6.95/month
    HostMonster is the most popular Webcast hosting service with users due to great large Webcast file hosting powers but minimal costs. They support streaming and webcasting of both audio and video files. HostMonster also offers shared hosting with cPanel for those that need aan easy online control panel to administer their web hosting package. Webcasting software is also provided in the HostMonster webcasting software plan as they provide a control panel that has free web design software you can use to link your webpage up to video and audio files.

    2nd Best Webcast Video Hosting Package Vendor- BlueHost | Premium Webcasting Hosting
    Webcast Video Web Hosting Space: Unlimited GB
    Webcast Video Web Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    2 Year Cheapest Webcast Video Web Hosting Price: $4.95/month
    1 Year Low Cost Webcast Video Web Hosting Monthly Fee: $6.95/month
    While BlueHost does not offer free Webcast video hosting, they do offer a free domain name with every Webcast-enabled video hosting account sold. This is quite a discount and a great free offer!

    Cheap Webcast Audio Hosting Recommendation #3 - HostGator - Unlimited Webcast Hosting
    Webcast Audio Web Host Space: Unlimited GB
    Webcast Web Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    1 Year Cheap Webcasting Hosting Prices: $4.95/month
    Best Webcast Video Hosting - HostGator is a rapidly growing web host for Webcast-enabled websites. They offer full webcasting service support in their Hatchling hosting account. For those seeking to resell Webcasting hosting, HostGator offers some of the best webcast hosting accounts for resale. Unlimited sites on all their affordable webcast host plans.

    Businesses interested in advanced webcast hosting may also wish to consider going the route of dedicated webcast hosting providers. A dedicated server for webcasting can be an excellent way to get premium and private webcast hosting albeit with a more expensive price tag. Dedicated webcast hosting will also give you more flexibility in terms of the type of content you are permitted to webcast. Moreover, with no other users on the box, the performance and storage capacity for your Webcast file delivery will be substantially faster. Another large webcast hosting benefit in terms of choosing a dedicated host is also the custom control and ability to install third-party software applications onto a dedicated Webcast hosting server which might otherwise not be permissible in a shared environment. If you are interested in dedicated webcast server website hosting for Webcast files, we suggest you visit our Dedicated Server Showcase or midPhase. Dedicated servers for webcasting also give you the option of having a clustered or managed hosting environment should you have an extremely high volume webcast product. A dedicated hosting webcast product should generally start at less than $200/month and provide a very reliable webcast hosting environment backed by a hosting SLA.

    Though you didn't ask about podcasting hosting, much of the same advice would apply in terms of securing large bandwidth and traffic allowances with your service plan at a hosting company. We welcome further questions you may have about webcasting and how to get about setting up a webcast online. For those who don't need any MySQL or other developer tools, IX Web Hosting offers an IX Web Hosting webcast platform in their Expert plan.

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