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    Our Free Guide to Choosing a Turnkey Web Hosting Package

    Attn: Turnkey Web Hosting Purchasers - Click here for Cheap Turnkey Hosting Reseller Packages!

    Turnkey Hosting from the Top Turnkey Hosting Provider - Unlimited Web Space & Free Web Page Builder - Turnkey Hositng - $3.95 per month!

    Ian in London asks: - What is turnkey hosting and can you recommend some turnkey web hosts where I can start my website??

    Our Turnkey Hosting Answer: - Turnkey hosting is a type of web hosting product that offers everything you need to get started online and do that within a single hosting account (without having to deal with add-ons). Unlike regular hosting, turnkey web hosting includes the following elements. The first component of a turnkey hosting solution is a web builder or free web page design software. A turnkey web host is one that is suitable for those people going online for the first time. The second aspect of turnkey hosting is that of the web hosting plan itself. Once you use a turnkey web design software program to build your website, usually through a web-based point and click system, the turnkey web hosting product must then include a web server on which to host that website. For those who are using external software, you will upload your website through an FTP program to your turnkey hosting package. Newbie webmasters who have used the online software for web pages provided by turnkey web hosting companies like HostMonster and BlueHost will already have their site automatically uploaded once you create your web page. The third element to turnkey website hosting is that it should be capable of eCommerce. While most new websites will not want to incorporate eCommerce into your site, once you become more familiar online you want your turnkey hosting provider to offer this option. Thus, when conducting your turnkey hosting review, make sure you look for eCommerce items such as a shopping cart and SSL to be included in any web hosting plan that a web host proffers to be a turnkey hosting service. Finally, the very best turnkey hosting companies, web hosts like IX Web Hosting, will also offer you marketing credits. Once you select a turnkey hosting company, build your website, you will want to drive visitors to it - thus these credits can be handy for commercial-orientated websites and online stores. Thus, on balance, a turnkey web hosting service will ensure that your turnkey web host offers a complete and closed-loop solution to launching, hosting, and promoting your new website. Some webmasters who have already built their website, may still find budget turnkey hosting to be attractive if they are in need of the other three elements comprising turnkey hosting products.

    Turnkey Hosting Reseller Accounts
    Turnkey Hosting from the Top Rated Web Host - $3.95

    The final area of turnkey web hosting knowledge that you need to know about is how much you can expect to pay for a turnkey web hosting product category. Since most of the services provided by turnkey web hosts are automated, the monthly pricing is surprisingly low. In general, cheap turnkey hosting can be found from under $10 a month. To help you find the best turnkey hosting solutions, we have done a turnkey hosting review of our web hosting directory and come up with the top turnkey hosting companies. This top turnkey hosting plan list is updated monthly, so be sure to visit this web page for future coupons and deals on turnkey hosting packages.

    Best Turnkey Hosting Plans

  • HostMonster - Unlimited Web Space, Unlimited Traffic, Free Web Site Builder, eCommerce - Pricing from $4.95 per month on 2-year contract
  • HostExcellence - Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited web traffic, Free Business Website Software, Shopping Cart - Pricing from $5.95 per month on annual term.
  • IX Web Hosting - Unlimited Space, UnlimitedTraffic, eCommerce, Marketing Credits - $3.95 per month on 2-year contract
  • midPhase - Unlimited Space, Unlimited Traffic, eCommerce, No Contract - $2.95

    If you have any further questions about what is high quality turnkey hosting or if you want to find the most affordable turnkey web hosting service and need help, feel free to contact us at for free turnkey hosting advice.

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