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    Find the Best Student Web Host for your Student Hosting Budget

    So you are a high-school, college or university student looking for student web hosting. Deciding how to get that student hosting is an important question that you should ask once you determine how much web space, bandwidth and features you require. More information on what to look for in a web host can be found in our web hosting guide. In short, there are two ways to get student web hosting. You can either purchase low cost yet affordable student web hosting from one of the discount hosts who supply student hosting. Alternatively you can look into whether your school offers free student web hosting to registered students. This guide is designed to help you understand the differences between these two types of student web hosting.

    Top Ranked Student Web Hosting
    Top Ranked Student Web Hosting - Unlimited Webspace & Bandwidth

    Paid Student Web Hosting

    The top student web hosting services definately come from paid student web hosts. Most of these web hosts charge $5 or $6 a month and let you host a domain-based website with tons of web space and bandwidth. You can get a year of student web hosting for under $100 - less than the cost of a text book - from companies like ANHosting and midPhase. We also highly recommend the student hosting services - their standard all-purpose account - from both HostMonster and BlueHost. The feature list provided with student web hosting from commercial web hosts is the biggest advantage of paying for hosting. Several students who want the best student web hosting might share the costs of a web hosting package in order to get the massive increase in features. If you can find free student web hosting chances are the school will severly restrict the amount of web space, bandwidth, and e-mail accounts that you can use. With a quality student web hosting company you will get hundreds of gigabytes of space and thousands of gigabytes of traffic (even no limit), plus unlimited email hosting for your student project hosting and personal use. With the large decline in monthly student web hosting prices, student hosting has never been more affordable. Plus, with your own domain name you can better personalize your website or alternatively make it more professional, perhaps using it as a job hunting tool.

    Free Student Web Hosting

    The alternative to buying student web hosting services is to contact your school and ask whether they have free web hosting available to you as a student. Many colleges and universities do offer students and student-organizations and clubs some form of free student web hosting. This route might take some work but can potentially save you money. Be aware that most free student web hosting has significant terms of use associated with it so be careful about what type of content restrictions are in place, e.g. often no commercial elements can be posted. The biggest drawbacks are the lack of web space, cool software, and email services that a paid web host will offer you. Second you must consider what will happen when you leave the school and no longer qualify for free student hosting. You might want to start with a web hosting company from day one to get better services and avoid transfer problems. Keep in mind that if links go to your school web server and your site goes down, your traffic could drop significantly meaning you might be better off with domain hosting.

    Another fun way for students to experience with web hosting is through mashup hosting where they can take various media clips and personal content and mash it into a presentation deck with videos using a mashup hosting service. Some providers who support mashup hosting - often used for TV video submission contests - can be found here.

    Thank you for your student web host inquiry. We hope that our free guide to finding the best student web hosting has been helpful to your high school, college, technical school or University hosting requirements. Please send any questions or comments you may have to us at In the meanwhile, feel free to read our Top 10 web hosting companies ranking by clicking here.

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