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  • Best Streaming Audio Web Host
    Cheap Streaming Audio Hosting only $5.95/month pricing

    Streaming Audio Web Hosting Review

    Finding the best Streaming Audio + Audio Stream Hosting Available Online

    Compare streaming audio & then see how great this streaming audio service is!

    Reggie in Dallas writes us:I need some great streaming audio hosting. Can you recommend some of the top audio streaming hosts to me? I've got a budget for streaming audio, under $10 a month, so while I want unlimited streaming audio services I'm willing to settle for a cheaper streaming audio solution if I can save some money. I need to know what the average price is for streaming audio and which streaming audio service I should purchase from.

    Our streaming audio answer: Some readers may not know what streaming audio is, so let us explain and define audio streaming and streaming audio for our users. These two terms, streaming audio and audio streaming, are the same thing - although people interchange the description, we'll use streaming audio for simplicity. Audio file streaming lets you save streaming audio files and host them on an Internet server that enables users to access, or stream, your hosted audio files over the web. This way they can listen to your music or recorded information audio files and stream them live or delayed through the Internet. Wireless audio streaming is also possible if you build your website to mobile standards. No matter how your users will access your stored audio files, they will somehow need to be connected to the Internet. That's where a streaming audio hosting company comes in. A streaming audio web host will provide you with an audio hosting server on which to store and managed your streaming audio files. The costs for streaming audio are all over the map. If you want to find the cheapest streaming audio then you should use a regular web host that has equipped their web hosting plans with audio streaming functionality. In our streaming audio review, we found various streaming audio providers to price the same product, i.e. bandwidth and storage prices, all over the map - from $7 a month to $70 a month. Thus, using an streaming audio directory such as ours, is critical to finding the lowest cost streaming audio solution.

    When you are looking for the top streaming audio hosting or web server, there are several key factors to remember. First, streaming audio is no different than regular web hosting, once a company has equipped their servers with the right technology. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you need a specialized streaming audio service in order to get streaming audio. This is not the case. If you want cheap streaming audio you are best to use the cheap streaming audio providers we have identified in our list of the best streaming audio web hosts below. These companies offer full streaming support without charging you a premium to claim themselves as audio web hosts. The second recommendation we have for finding the best streaming audio is to choose a streaming audio service that has plenty of bandwidth and audio file storage. Too often, streaming audio customers purchase streaming audio accounts and packages that are insufficient for your needs. In general, you should estimate your monthly bandwidth and file storage needs and then apply a 50% multiplier to those numbers. This way, if your streaming audio files turn out to be very popular, your streaming audio plan will be capable of handling the volume without cost overcharges. Our streaming audio review has reviewed our monthly Top 10 list and our web hosting directory to generate this month's Top 3 streaming web audio hosts. Each of these live audio streaming services will support both live audio streaming files and pre-recorded audio stored files. While there is no one best streaming audio provider, since each users has unique needs, we believe this list of our top audio streaming companies will surpass the needs and expectations of most streaming audio businesses.

    HostMonster #1 Top Ranked Streaming Audio Web Hosting Service
    Audio Hosting Streaming Service Rank: Streaming Audio Provider: Streaming Audio Service: Streaming Audio Server Web Space: Streaming Audio Bandwidth/Traffic Limit: Cheap Streaming Audio Monthly Price:
    #1 HostMonster Yes Unlimited GB Unlimited GB $5.95/mo. | On Sale
    Streaming Audio Review Commentary: We recommend Streaming Audio produts from HostMonster since they offer superb Streaming Audio service that delivers really cheap streaming audio pricing but still very large streaming audio storage space. You get massive audio file Internet space, Unlimited audio stream storage space and Unlimited bandwidth, so their streaming audio package almost becomes an unlimited streaming audio account. Priced at $5.95 per month (normally $6.95), we find this top streaming audio hosting company to offer some of the cheapest yet most reliable streaming services and web server accounts on the market. Worth your time to evaluate and it receives high recommendations based on user feedback and product specs. They also support International clients, domains, and multi-language streaming capabilities.
    Special Audio Video Host Offer
    Blue Host - #2 Best Streaming Audio Web Host Service
    User Reviewed Streaming Audio Ranking: Streaming Audio File Company: Discount Audio Video Web Hosting Prices: Audio Video Server Space: How much unlimited use audio video traffic allowance? : Affordable Audio Video Hosting Solution?:
    #2 BlueHost Yes Unlimited GB Unlimited GB $6.95 per month
    Audio Streaming Web Host Comments:
    BlueHost is a great streaming audio provider. With plenty of room for music, songs, church sermons, business speeches, whatever - you will enjoy the free website builder to deliver a nice looking audio enabled website. Capturing streaming audio with BlueHost is easy and their fast Linux servers create the ultimate streaming audio station. If you want to broadcast streaming audio, then you should consider the BlueHost audio streaming package as your choice for a streaming audio host.
    Discount Streaming Audio Host - Click here.
    IX Web Hosting #3 Cheap Streaming Audio Host
    Streaming Audio Hosting Rank: Reliable Streaming Audio Web Hosting Provider Name: 30-Day Refund Period with Streaming Audio Purchase: Audio + Video Server Space: Cheap Audio Streaming Traffic Allowance: No Contract Audio Streaming Price:
    #3 IX Web Hosting Yes Unlimited GB Unlimited GB $3.95/mo.
    Streaming Audio Review Comments on IX Web Hosting:
    IX Web Hosting is by far the cheapest audio streaming hosting anywhere especially if you can avoid monthly pricing and purchase their $4.95 two-year streaming audio service contract. With complete support for nearly all audio file hosting formats, this affordable audio streaming host will enable you to quickly capture streaming audio files and streaming them to customers or users online. As a family friend streaming audio company, perfect for Church streaming services, IX Web Hosting does not host adult audio streaming of any kind.
    Cheap Streaming Audio Recommendation

    We wanted to take a quick moment before your purchase to comment upon audio and video streaming technology. The technology for audio and video streaming the encoding software and hosting platforms, are often the same. If you currently are only interested in audio streaming technology, your needs may evolve over time as your website launches live audio streaming and live video streaming. For that reason, the above service providers all have the technology installed on their web servers to support both live video and audio streaming. In general, if a web host asks you to pay more for using their video streaming technology vs. just their audio streaming technology you should be suspicious. There is no more work involved on the streaming providers part to enable both technologies. Thus, if you are comparing streaming audio companies and one doesn't openly say they support both audio and video streaming technologies, then go with the one that does - chances are you will want access to encoding and technologies down the streaming audio path to success.

    Thank you for taking the time to read our free streaming audio + hosting report and audio streaming hosting company reviews We hope that this free online audio streaming resource has made your streaming audio search more easy and enabled cost savings on your future audio streaming purchases. Comparing streaming audio providers vs. other streaming audio hosts isn't that hard, you just need to ensure that you don't underestimate your live audio file streaming needs. Should you still need further research and comparison tables for streaming audio suppliers we encourage you to email us at with your streaming audio questions.


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