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    Ruby Rails Hosting Solution Now Offered

    Ruby Rails Hosting buyers looking for Ruby Rails web hosting now have the best of both worlds. It is a low cost Ruby Rails hosting solution with all the benefits of server virtualization. For those needing Ruby Rails shared hosting, visit this #1 ranked Ruby on Rails web hosting company. With respect to server virtualization, the eApps Ruby on Rails Hosting service provides regular version updates, daily backup, a seamless Ruby Rails Hosting upgrade path, guaranteed resource allowances, and all of the other features customers expect in a managed VPS service. The Ruby Rails hosting plans have been designed specifically for Ruby on Rails, resulting in the ideal Ruby Rails Hosting platform for Rails web sites and hosted-Ruby Rails applications.

    Ruby Rails Web Hosting only $5.95/month - Buy Now!
    Free Ruby Rails Hosting for only $5.95/month. Click now for FREE information!

    Barry Deutsch, Vice President of eApps Hosting, stated, "A lot of hosting companies offer Ruby on Rails hosting, but very few offer it on a Virtual Private Server. We gave our Research and Development department the challenge to come up with a bullet proof, low cost VPS solution for Ruby on Rails developers. They delivered the goods."

    Wayne Higgins, a Ruby on Rails developer and beta tester of the eApps Ruby Rails Hosting solution, stated, “I have had a lot of problems with performance and consistency running Ruby on Rails on shared hosting. VPS is definitely the way to go. This environment runs really well and gives me full control.”

    eApps is a provider of Virtual Private Server hosting solutions. April 2006 recently marked 10 years that eApps has offered advanced hosting solutions.

    For information about the eApp's Ruby Rails Hosting package consult


    This press release was posted August 10th, 2006. Its content are copyright and the responsibility of its issuer.

    Learn more about Ruby Rails UNIX Web Hosting by visiting StartLogic- click here.

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