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    A Free Quality Web Site Hosting Review

    Matt in Salt Lake City writes: I'm looking for Cheap Quality Hosting - either a business quality web hosting solution on Linux or quality Windows 2003 hosting is fine. What steps should I look for when conducting my quality web hosting review?

    Our Quality Web Hosting Answer: Finding quality hosting is a challenge for a number of reasons. For some people, their expectations are simply off-center. For intsance, a quality website hosting service can't offer 24/7 technical support if you use free hosting. That stands to reason. However, the more you pay for quality web site hosting, the better the hosting quality should be. For most buyers, quality web hosting services can be found for less than $10 a month. If you want to buy cheap quality web hosting, then you can probably find a cheap quality hosting account for less than $5 a month. Keep in mind that the most affordable quality web hosting path is to buy a longer-hosting contract and take advantage of the discounts a quality web host can thus provide. This quality web hosting review guide is designed to help you find and compare a number of business quality web hosting providers who we feel offer some of the best quality web hosting online. Each of these high quality web hosts is unique and while we do view pricing to be a big indicator as to the level of quality you should receive, all these web hosts are so close on a quality-scale that their low prices can be considered on par.

    Top Quality Web Hosting Providers for Quality Hosting Plans:

    Quality Web Hosting Provider #1 - HostMonster
    Quality Website Hosting Service Space: Unlimited
    Quality Web Site Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited
    Quality Reseller Account Benefit: Free Unlimited Domain Names
    Cheap Quality Web Hosting 2 Year Cost: $5.95/month

    Quality Web Hosting Provider #2- BlueHost
    Quality Plan Hosting Space: Unlimited GB
    Web Host's Quality Internet Connection Traffic Allowance: Unlimited GB
    Cheap Quality Web Hosting 2-Year Offer Price: $4.95/month
    Affordable Quality Web Hosting Annual Cost: $6.95/month

    What to look for in quality web hosting?

    Quality web hosting tends to have some similar provider characteristics that are useful to be aware of. For those needing business quality web hosting, you will need to ensure that the servers on which your account is placed are of high-calibre and that the Internet connection your quality web host uses is fast. Make sure that a shared web hosting vendor delivers reliable hardware and connectivity. Otherwise an inexpensive trip down the quality web site hosting path can be very frustrating for any company trying to do business online. Next a quality web hosting review will tend to consider the entire web hosting package as a whole. While certain customers may be interested in only 1 or 2 features of an account, in general, this is a poor way to evaluate if you are dealing with a quality web hosting service. Some web hosts will cut-back or sacrifice quality of certain web services to boost the appearance of strength in another area. To get true quality web site hosting this shouldn't be happening. In other words, offering a great free website builder but not providing enough web space isn't a hosting quality technique. Look for broad strengths in an overall hosting package. Next, consider what you want quality Linux web hosting or quality Windows web hosting. With Linux you will pay less, but certain applications like ASP.NET or MS SQL will run only on Windows servers. Decide whether you want Linux or Windows and then conduct your review against comparable quality platform providers.

    Quality Windows 2003 Web Hosting

    Cheap quality hosting is also important to find. Having to pay too much for hosting really increases your expectations of the quality of service. Though we won't want to say all inexpensive hosting is great; a quality web host generally gains scale with the size of their client base. Thus, when evaluating cheap quality web hosting, pay extra attention to the number of clients a given web hosting company has. The more customers that a web host has, the more likely it is that this quality web hosting company will be able to offer better software and better hardware by virtue of having higher monthly revenues from a larger customer base. In the hosting world, finding a small web host isn't the path to hosting quality. Plus, the larger the web hosting company, the cheaper they can offer quality hosting since they have better buying power when it comes to finding quality bandwidth for their internet data center or buying servers at a lower price.

    When reviewing quality web hosting providers think about your migration plan. If you start our with a small quality web site hosting package, what happens when your website grows? An inexpensive quality web site hosting plan, which doesn't allow you to grow with a web host is useless as a quality hosting solution. Instead, find an affordable quality web hosting plan that has a number of larger quality web hosting services available should your website grow. The best quality web site hosting providers in terms of upgrade account options is midPhase for Windows plan buyers and HostMonster for Linux quality hosting If you find quality web hosting that you are happy with, you won't want to change providers to a lower quality host. By checking in advance whether your propsed high-quality web host offers bigger hosting plans, you will be certain (in advance) that you can stay (and grow) with the given web host over time.

    Lastly, there may be buyers out there who are seeking quality reseller accounts for reselling web hosting. The best solution for a quality reseller account is to choose HostMonster. Not only are they a quality web host to begin with, but they allow unlimited domain names which you can use to resell. Being able to buy and host many domains on a single account will let you maximize your quality hosting experience and convert it into a profitable venture.

    We hope that you have found our quality web hosting guide to be useful in making your web hosting purchase today. Without question, the right quality hosting offer for each individual and business will be slightly different which is why we highlighted four different quality web hosts. We trust they will be useful to you when conducting your quality web hosting service search. If you have feedback about any quality web site hosting package you have tried, pls. let us know at so that we can expand our quality hosting review.

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