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    How to Find an Affordable New York Web Hosting Solution

    Shandy in Ithica, New York asks us: I live in New York state and want to find a web hosting provider here in New York. Where can I find New York ecommerce web hosting for my store?

    Our Answer: Finding New York Web Hosting is obviously easy. There are plenty of New York hosting companies offering their services to residents and businesses within New York state. The bigger question becomes how to find the top New York hosting. This requires some knowledge about how to judge New York web hosts and what makes for the best web hosting overall. We believe that HostExcellence is the most affordable New York web hosting service. Their plan details are detailed below. They offer reliable shared website hosting to people both in and outside of New York state. Since operating a web host outside of New York City itself results in lower operating costs, the cheapest New York hosting will tend to be from providers in upstate New York. However, if you want to find dedicated New York web hosting or managed hosting within New York City (e.g. colocation), you should skip the HostExcellence review and proceed to the bottom of this article. Plus, as a reader of this article you will be able to get two months of free New York hosting as a bonus by visiting through this New York hosting review.

    In terms of finding New York ecommerce web hosting for your shop, the search process is quite similar to looking for ecommerce website hosting in general. You will want to find web hosts that offer shopping carts (used to create the online store), secure SSL certifications (to protect your NY customer data and be compliant with ecommerce laws), and third find a New York ecommerce hosting provider that has a large enough entry-level hosting plan that will permit your business to grow its online business without facing overage charges.

    Here is our Top New York Hosting Recommendation:

    Top New York Web Hosting Provider - HostExcellence | Best New York Hosting Winner for 2009
    Affordable New York Web Hosting Server Space:Unlimited GB
    New York Web Hosting Bandwidth Review Limit: Unlimited GB
    New York Ecommerce Web Hosting Features: Yes
    Cheap New York Web Hosting Price: $3.95/month
    New York State IDC Location: Click here

    If you want to buy a dedicated server in New York, then you will need to find a New York dedicated server provider. The most prominent dedicated hosting companies offering dedicated servers will be in New York. Unlike shared hosting, a managed hosting environment requires a different set of features, e.g. proximity to Internet hubs, the most expertise technical talent. For these reasons, we suggest buyers look for managed hosting vendors within New York City. While you will likely spend an extra $50-$100 to buy dedicated servers within NYC, you will get a much better colocation or dedicated hosting experience. For shared clients, the extra costs aren't worth the expense. However, dedicated business customers should not look to the cheapest price, but rather the best overall operations. If you are seeking the cheapest dedicated server, then your best option may be to look elsewhere. We recommend SingleHop for reliable dedicated servers, however, they are outside of New York state.

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