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    Microsoft MSSQL Server Web Hosting Recommendations

    HostGator is a Top Ranked SQL Managed and Dedicated Server Hosting Provider
    HostGator is a Top Ranked SQL Managed and Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

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    MS SQL Hosting buyers take a breathereasy to use sql hosting If you need SQL Server Hosting or shared Microsoft SQL Hosting for your MS SQL database trust us, you've come to the end of your MS SQL database web hosting searchmssql web server hosting search This discount MS SQL Hosting review article is designed to outline what you need to look for in an cheap SQL Server Web Hosting provider whether you are based in the United States, Canada or International and help you obtain the latest features out of SQL ASP.NET-based web server hosting. Consider it a how to find and how to set-up MS SQL hosting tutorial. So let's start providing our MS SQL hosting recommendations for MSSQL database server hosting buyers.

    SQL Business Hosting Tip #1: Top-ranked MS SQL Hosting is designed to help you leverage the newest SQL Hosting technologies at the best possible price. Cheap SQL Web Server Hosting should include SQL 2005 by each web host within their Windows web hosting packages. For example, both IXWebHosting SQL Hosting and's MS SQL Hosting offer budget Microsoft SQL hosting with fully hosted support of SQL 2005 to deliver the best SQL web site hosting experience available. SQL 2005, released in late 2005, brought about many new database features that make your MS SQL server hosting easier and more secure. For a review list of new SQL 2005 product features that make Microsoft MS SQL Server Hosting better, take a look at the low cost SQL 2000/2005 server web hosting enhancements detailed at the Microsoft website. Like the two top-ranked SQL web hosts above, make sure your proposed Windows ASP.NET SQL Web Hosting provider offers the latest version of the SQL database application. Without it, your SQL Hosting provider isn't competitive in the marketplace.

    Award-Winning Microsoft MS SQL Web Hosting - $8.95/month!
    MySQL MSSQL ASP Database Hosting + 1,000GB of Web Space & 8,000 GB of Traffic from $8.95/mo.!

    MS SQL Hosting Tip #2 for MS 2000 managers: Microsoft SQL 2000 Server Web Hosting buyers - In SQL Hosting Tip 1, we suggested that your SQL Hosting provider should support SQL 2005. However, some business databases are created in Microsoft SQL 2000, and for various reasons, web developers elect to keep their database in SQL 2000ms sql 2000 hosting In our opinion, so long as your SQL web hosting provider offers the latest SQL hosting, there is no harm in still buying Microsoft SQL 2000 Server Web Hosting. You just want to ensure that your SQL web hosting provider has the latest SQL version available because it proves they are current with Microsoft SQL hosting technologies (a measurement of their IT skills) and second it provides an SQL hosting upgrade migration path for your database hosting to follow. MS SQL 2000 Hosting with SQL 2005 Database Backup, MS SQL 2000 Hosting with SQL 2005 Database Restore, and MS SQL 2000 Hosting with Shrink Database Function are also tools your SQL hosting provider might offer. MS SQL 2000 managed dedicated servers can also be purchased for a superior hosting experience. In our opinion HostGator offers the best MS SQL 2000 managed dedicated servers.

    SQL Server Hosting Tip #3: Think ASP.NET Hosting. If you want premier SQL Hosting check your MS SQL web hosting provider's ASP.NET offerings. This superior development platform for ASP pages and ASP.NET will enable you to make much more active use of your SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 databases. We ranked IX WebHosting's MS SQL Hosting the best in this because of their low-cost ASP.NET hosting options and suggest a visit. MS SQL Hosting buyers might also wish to visit the web hosts we list in our Windows Hosting Showcase. to find other affordable SQL ASP Web Hosting options. Of course, a consultation about your MS SQL Hosting needs and a web hosts' sql database hostingNET hosting plans should always be free.

    SQL Web Hosting Provider Tip #4: Transfer an SQL Express 2005 to a hosted SQL 2005 databasesql express 2005 web hosting MS SQL Hosting benefits those users who previously were running Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. By running under Microsoft MS SQL 2005 web hosting, you will realize more product features. For paid commercial websites, few companies can afford not to take advantage of the flexibility offered by SQL 2005 Web Hosting. MS SQL 2005 Hosting with shrink SQL 2005 database tools and MS SQL Hosting with SQL 2005 Database Restore and Database Backup are just a few of the reasons to upgrade your hosting to SQL 2005 hostinghosting sql database

    Cheap SQL Web Hosting Tip #5: Top-ranked tip #5 is just as the title says, cheap SQL web hostingcheap sql2k5 web hosting SQL Hosting used to be quite expensive often $50+/moinexpensive mssql web server hosting Today cheap SQL Hosting can be found for just $8.95/month at an affordable SQL hosting provider, and other SQL web hosting providers charging $25 for up to MSSQL hosted databases will supply you with business-class SQL hosting. If need SQL Hosting, think about cheap SQL hosting. You'll be able to find MS SQL Hosting that won't break your budget just follow our trusted SQL hosting recommendations. So if your current Linux or Windows web host doesn't offer cheap and affordable SQL web hosting, do yourself a favor - find an MS SQL web hosting provider that does. Each $1 in monthly SQL hosting cost savings works out to $12 per year, so saving $10 per month in hosting fees adds up to an SQL hosting discount of $120+/year in hosting plan pricing. Is buying from IX Web Hosting worth saving up to hundreds of dollars a year on your SQL hosting needs, you bet! ms sql hosting pricing You should also contrast general web space provided by a web host to the actual space for your MS SQL file. We recommend EasyCGI for large SQL file hosting since EasyCGI actually provides lots of SQL web server space.

    SQL Web Site Hosting Tip #6: SQL Hosting should be one element of your total web hosting purchase decision, but not the only consideration factor. Even if you locate the top-ranked SQL hosting, you still need to ensure that the remainder of your web presence is reliable and has sufficient functionality#1 top ranked sql web hosting Some Microsoft SQL Hosting companies might attempt to overcharge on their Windows hosting plans should you buy your web hosting separate from your MS SQL Hosting option. MSSQL Hosting is tought to find because it is a more unique web host skillset but also because those that offer SQL Hosting often charge so much for their other services that MS SQL Hosting can be uneconomic with a particular web host. So be careful when it comes to SQL Server Hosting purchases. Microsoft SQL Hosting customers deserve special treatment because their SQL web server hosting needs are more complex and frankly more profitable for web hosts. When considering an SQL web hosting provider make sure you get lots of web space and bandwidth for your website itselfSQL hosting sql2k 2000 This way your web site can handle the traffic your SQL 2000/2005 database server can. SQL Web server ASP.NET hosting buyers should also make sure that the SQL web site hosting provider's ASP.NET platform is 2.0 or betterSQL 2005 hosting sql2k5

    When buying MSSQL hosting you should also check out the reliability of the Windows hosting platform your SQL web site hosting provider offers. Some web hosts will suggest MySQL is the same as MSSQL hosting - it is not. Linux hosting is not suitable for MS SQL database hostingms sql web hosting on sale Look at a web host's Windows hosting reputation and make sure they have Microsoft certifications. This way your SQL Hosting will have the best hosting reliability and you don't need to worry at night that your MS SQL hosting provider isn't serving up your hosted SQL 2000/2005 database properlyproper sql database hosting Once again, to visit our top-ranked #1 SQL Hosting provider - click here for MS SQL Hosting on sale.

    Some hosting buyers will need MS SQL dedicated server hosting. To buy cheap SQL dedicated servers, we recommend HostGator or midPhase which both offer discount dedicated hosting options for high-volume or SQL databases requiring more advanced hosting or secure managed services. When looking at purchasing a Windows 2003 server for dedicated MS SQL hosting be sure to ask about the licensing issues. With a dedicated server for SQL databases you will not likely be supplied with access to their shared customer SQL server, so double-check your licensing issues to ensure you are aware of all applicable costs.

    SQL Web Server Hosting may also be bought in a dedicated server environment. If you are looking for SQL Server Dedicated Web Hosting - be sure to visit our Dedicated Server Showcase to view Windows-based dedicated SQL servers. Buying a Dedicated Server will also help your SQL Web Enterprise Manager and SQL Reporting Services Hosting run more quicklysql hosting on dedicated sql server

    There are also particular SQL hosting functions that you can ask your MS SQL web hosting provider about on a specific item basis. These include: mssql hosting with dbo access to sql DBO Rights to SQL 2005 DBO Access, SQL Login Password Reset Tool SQL Login Password Reset Tool, SQL hosting with Cache Dependency SQL Cache Dependency, sql hosting with real time sql backup tool Real Time Backup Tools, sql hosting with full text search Full Text Search, sql hosting with sql server session support ASP SQL Server Session Support, MS SQL 2005 Hosting with SQL Management Studio Access MS SQL 2005 Hosting with SQL Management Studio Access, MS SQL 2005 Server Hosting with tsql enhancements MS SQL 2005 Server Hosting with TSQL Enhancement feature, sql 2000/2005 hosting with control panels features SQL Hosting with Control Panel, microsoft mssql 2005 hosting with remote database management SQL2005 Remote Database Management mssql 2005 hosting with xml data types SQL 2005 Hosting for XML Data Types, mssql 2005 web hosting sql login manager MSSQL2005 SQL Login Manager ms sql hosting with enterprise manager access MSSQL 2000 Enterprise Manager Access mssql 2000 user manager SQL 2000 User Manager. If you need any of these features you should consult the web host you are considering to determine whether they offer each required feature in their SQL hosting plans.

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