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  • Stream Audio on hostway serverHostway Corporation Server Question?Stream video on hostway server Reviews the Streaming Web Hosting Services of Hostway

    Michael in Miami writes us: How do I and can I stream audio and video on hostway server? Can you compare Hostway streaming services against other web hosting companies for me?

    Our answer: Yes, you can stream both audio and video using Hostway's media servers and streaming hosting packages. To find the right streaming account based on your estimated volume and anticipated traffic, you should visit Hostway and explore their streaming hosting services. Hostway podcasting is included in their gold plan, $19.95 per month and Hostway Windows Media services is incorporated in their Platnium Plus Windows Hosting plan for $71.95 . You can compare both of these Hostway web hosting packages by using their comparison table - click here.

    A big plus with Hostway is the video hosting advantage that you get. If you anticipate large streaming volumes, Hostway is one of the few video and audio hosting companies that operates their own Internet Data centers around the world. This delivers massive video hosting advantages to you the streaming customer, since you can actually buy from a web host that owns their bandwidth facilities and can help you as a business to roll-out your video and audio streaming services to clients worldwide. Few streaming web hosts have worldwide Tier-1 IDC operations. The second huge advantage you get with Hostway is their world-class web hosting services and high-quality technical support. Hostway has ranked on our Top 10 list for nearly a decade - one of the only web hosts in the world to achieve this web hosting achievement.

    Of course, the biggest negative with choosing Hostway for any type of streaming service is the cost of their Internet video and audio distribution hosting services. If you are looking for a cheap way to host audio on a server or a cheap way to host video on a server; chances are that Hostway is out of your budget. If that's the case, we have two great yet low cost streaming hosted solutions to recommend. The first is HostMonster which offers 300GB of streaming server space, 3TB of bandwidth and a free domain name for $5.95 per month. Visit HostMonster streaming here. The second recommendation for streaming files over the Internet is to use the web hosting plan offered by StartLogic. They also offer 300GB of media hosted space and 3000GB of bandwidth for the budget streaming price of $5.95 per month. The average streaming price vs. Windows streaming is higher, but you can find a reliable Windows streaming choice with EasyCGI; who offers a 100GB server plan for $7.96 per month.

    Thanks for your question on whether Hostway supports streaming services. Read more about Hostway at our 2007 Top 10 ranking.

    Thank you for your question.

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