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  • Hostway POP3Hostway Email ReviewHostway WebMail

    A review of Hostway's POP3 email and webmail services.

    Inquiry from Abba J. on Hostway email hosting: What do you folks think about Hostway's email services and which of their accounts should I be considering for my business?

    Our answer: Abba, There are several things you should keep in mind when considering buying POP3 email account services from Hostway. First, our editors here at have long been impressed with the company overall. Furthermore, the user feedback on Hostway has been excellent in terms of the quality of service for the price charged. Hostway ranks very highly on our monthly Top 10, which you can view by clicking here. One advantage you get when purchasing either web hosting or email services (or both) from Hostway is that the company actually owns their own Internet data centers. They have invested millions of dollars in physical infrastructure to deliver web applications. This is unlike many other email hosting companies which simply locate their equipment on someone else's premises. This is a big advantage in going with Hostway for POP3 email accounts and our reviewers particularly like that feature of the company. When something goes wrong, Hostway has staff on premises tending to their own machines on their own fiber equipment. A big plus.

    Hostway's email services come in two formats. The first are standard POP3 email addresses that you can set-up by logging in to their online control panel. You can then login to those email accounts either from a web browser (webmail) or from a POP3 email software application. Hostway's Standard web hosting package includes 250 email addresses for $13.95. You can check current pricing and discount offers, by clicking here. So if your business will need less than 250 email addresses (say 200+ employees or less) then this plan will suit your needs very well. It is important when reviewing a web host's email hosting packages to check the bandwidth. Your POP3 email account usage counts towards your bandwidth consumption at Hostway, as it does at nearly all web hosts. Fortunately, you are also receiving 250GB of traffic with this lowest cost plan, so that should be plenty of bandwidth to coverage full usage of all those email addresses. Unlike most other POP3 webmail or email hosts, Hostway enables you to upgrade the number of email accounts associated with your web hosting plan as opposed to needing to upgrade to a brand new, more expensive plan. This is a great feature and impressed us during our review of Hostway's POP3 email hosting services. If your business needs a huge number of POP3 webmail or POP3 email accounts, Hostway offers a Diamond Plus Web Hosting account that supplies up to 1,500 addresses. Of course, as with all web hosts, should you need more email accounts than this, you could always considering purchasing a dedicated server from Hostway. Dedicated servers enable you to have unlimited POP3 and/or webmail addresses and Hostway offers some very low cost dedicated hosting options.

    The other major email application that Hostway offers is Hosted Exchange. With full support for Microsoft Exchange Hostway in their Hostway Exchange hosting plan, Hostway is able to host email addresses that your business may have set-up using Microsoft exchange. Their cost is $9.95 per address per month but the first two months include free Exchange Hosting.

    Last, Hostway is also currently testing a unique email service called Gigamail. This is a great application which enables huge transfer emails to be sent. Quite often if your company uses large files (e.g. architectures, doctors, engineers), your web host will bounce a file because it is too large. During their beta phase, the Gigamail service is free to Hostway clients. Current pricing is slated to be $4.95 per month (enabling 1GB email sending) with a set-up fee of $9.95. If you need large email sending capabilities, you can learn more by visiting their website.

    The one negative we would note is that Hostway does not offer an unlimited email account plan without going to a dedicated server. For very large businesses, this should not be cost prohibitive, but it would be nice if Hostway were to offer an unlimited email hosting package since this would put some small business owners' minds to ease. But that said, the quantity of POP3 email addresses within the Hostway web hosting plans are quite large, so for most businesses, such as yourself, this should not pose that big a deal.

    In conclusion, we recommend Hostway services for POP3, Webmail, large email, or MS Exchange hosting. Hostway's product offerings are broad and complete; they should solve the email needs of almost any business or personal website. POP3 hosting with Hostway is a good solution.

    Thank you for your question.

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