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  • Free .info Domain Name Seekers?

    .info Domain Names Go Cheap!

    Free .INFO domain name searchers should check out the newest .info domain offer by IX Web Hosting Corporation. The domain and web hosting company recently launched what we've found to be the closest deal to a free .info domain name by providing .info domain registrations for as low as $1.45.

    .info is the fastest-growing domain on the Internet because it offers millions of short, easy-to-remember names for registration. In fact, many of the world's most valuable brands such as Mercedes, Sony and Coca-Cola, have already registered their .INFO domains. Now any Web address can be affiliated with the one domain that defines information - .INFO. Plus if you need a free .info domain name, this new Hostway offer is really interesting!

    "The Internet is quickly becoming the first place people go to find more information on a company, product or service" said John Lee, VP of global marketing and co-founder of Hostway. "Info" is understood all over the world as the abbreviation for information, therefore it makes perfect sense that the .INFO domain is becoming a global standard by which people surf for information on the Web.

    .INFO is the first truly global domain as it's intuitive, easy to use and universally recognized. With this domain, businesses, marketers, individuals and organizations can all easily reach a worldwide audience with information about their business. It is also good for companies that were unable to get the .COM address of their choice, or currently have a domain name that is too long and complicated. Plus, in comparison to the $35+ fees charged by some registrars for .com domains, buying a .info domain name is almost like free .info domain names.

    About Hostway

    IX Web Hosting Corporation provides domain registration, Web hosting, Web design and online marketing services to more than 400,000 customers worldwide. Hostway helps individuals, small businesses and large enterprises achieve more value from state-of-the-art Web-based technologies by reducing their complexity and cost. Founded in 1998, Hostway is one of the five largest Web hosting companies in the world with offices in North America (Chicago (HQ), Austin, Tampa and Vancouver), Europe (Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bucharest, Frankfurt, Hannover, London, Paris), Asia/Pacific (Seoul, Mumbai, Sydney). For more information about Hostway Corporation, please visit or call 1-866-467-8929.


    This press release was posted August 11th, 2006. Its content are copyright and the responsibility of its issuer.

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