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  • Free Guide to eMail Hosting Affiliate Programs

    How to Find the best eMail Hosting Affiliate Program

    Debra in Denver writes: Where can I find the best email hosting affiliate programs to refer my web design customers to?

    Our answer to finding an affiliate program for email hosting: In general, the best email hosting affiliate programs are typically general web hosting affiliate programs that have large amounts of POP3 accounts included. Very few email only providers exist, therefore the most popular and readily-available email hosting affiliate programs are usually a subset of broader web hosting plan affiliate programs. When you are conducting an email hosting affiliate program review to determine the best email web hosting affiliate program you need to keep two primary considerations in mind. First, the best email hosting affiliate program should offer competitive pay-rates. In general, this is usually around the $100 per email hosting account level, give or take $25 either side. However, you should not just judge an email hosting affiliate program by the pay-rate, you also need to consider the conversion rate for traffic you send into the affiliate links. Your total affiliate earnings for referring traffic to an email hosting affiliate program will be a function of the payrate multipled by the conversion factor. Therefore, it is a balancing act between finding an email affiliate program that will convert plus pay a decent amount per account. The better the email features included (think features like webmail and number of POP3 accounts) the higher the normal conversion rate will be. In addition, when you choose an email web hosting affiliate program be sure to consider the minimum pay-outs (how many accounts do you need to send to a hosting provider before they will cut a check) and how long do they hold onto your commission before issuing a payment, average is usually 2-3 months after you refer the email hosting customer. Finally, when you are looking to sign-up for an email hosting affiliate program, be wary about web hosts that require you to pay for a hosting plan first. There are plenty of free affiliate programs to sign-up for and you shouldn't feel under pressure to pay for a hosting plan just to access and promote a web host's email hosting packages. Of course, if you find a really good web host and want to move your website or customer-base to them, all the better but it should not be mandatory.

    eMail Hosting Affiliate Program Review Suggestions

    e-Mail Hosting Affiliate Program Recommendation #1 - HostMonster
    e-Mail Hosting Affiliate Program Web Space: Unlimited GB
    e-Mail Hosting Affiliate Program Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    e-Mail Hosting Cost: $4.95/month
    Web Hosting Affiliate Program Review Comments: Free to join as an affiliate, the HostMonster affiliate program lets you earn $65 per email hosting account sent to them. With plenty of banners to choose from and unlimited email hosting accounts, this is a high-converting email hosting affiliate program to sign up for.

    eMail Hosting Affiliate Program Recommendation #2 - IX Web Hosting
    eMail Hosting Disk Space: Unlimited GB
    eMail Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    eMail Web Hosting Pricing: $3.95/month
    eMail Hosting Affiliate Program Comments: The IX WebHosting affiliate program provides you $100 to send customers to their email hosting plan that includes 2,500 POP3 accounts for only $3.95 per month. A low cost option popular with small businesses should match well for any web design firms looking to join a free email hosting affiliate program.

    eMail Web Hosting Affiliate Program Recommendation #3 - HostGator
    eMail Hosting Space: Unlimited
    eMail Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited
    eMail Hosting Prices: $4.95/month
    eMail Hosting Affiliate Program Review Comments: The HostGator email hosting affiliate program offers pay rates up to $125 per email hosting customer sent ot the company. This e-mail hosting affiliate program is most suited for a high-traffic websites or large web design firms since your best pay level occurs when you are a super-affiliate and can send twenty or more email hosting customers to them per month. The affiliate program is free to join and does not require you to become a hosting customers first.

    Thank you for asking us about finding the top email hosting affiliate programs for you to refer your hosting customers to. Hopefully through our 2009 web hosting affiliate program reviews you will find one of these free affiliate programs that let you earn money by sending email hosting customers to these web hosts to be useful.

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