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    Where to Buy Cheap Web Hosting that Offers Instant Plesk Set-Up of Accounts

    Jimmy in New Orleans writes us: Where can I buy Cheap Instant Plesk Web Hosting?

    Our Instant Plesk hosting answer: Cheap Instant Plesk Web Hosting is low cost web hosting that operates using the Plesk virtualization and control panel software. With instant Plesk hosting you Plesk-platform website hosting account will be provisioned immediately and you will not need to wait for a human being to manually install your Plesk website hosting package. Cheap Plesk web hosting with instant setup isn't that difficult to find if you get some help from a free guide like this. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time trying to find a cheap instant Plesk web hosting accoutn from a Plesk provider. Not all web hosts tell you whether they offer Plesk-supported hosting plans and that's what makes the search to find the cheapest Plesk web host difficult. In our search for a cheap instant Plesk web host company we reviewed over twenty-three diffierent hosts that claim to offer either dedicated server or shared Plesk web hosting with instant activation. We also judged each instant Plesk hosting provider based not only on our overall assessment of the features and pricing of their cheap instant Plesk web hosting account but we also evaluated the number of Plesk hosting customers they have so as to determine whether their cheap Plesk host plan is popular. In addition, be sure to review only Windows plans since Plesk is not made for Linux. Ultimately, we found that cheap instant setup Plesk web hosting from Lunarpages had the best review when it came to getting an instant setup Plesk plan. Best of all, the had no setup fees meaning you get free instant setup with a low cost monthly fee. You can also view an online demo of their Plesk control panel which is helpful if you're not sure how your Windows hosting account with Plesk would function.

    Here is our Top Cheap Instant Setup Plesk Web Hosting Recommendation:

    Top Cheap Instant Plesk Web Hosting Provider - IX Web Hosting Plesk Package
    Cheap Instant Plesk Web Hosting Web Space: Unlimited Storage
    Cheap Instant Plesk Web Hosting Bandwidth : 400 Gigabytes Data Transfer
    Cheap Instant Plesk Web Hosting Price per month (annual term): Frpm $3.95/month

    Cheap Instant Setup Plesk Web Hosting by Lunarpages

    When you are looking at various Plesk web hosts that offer instant account activation you also want to be looking for two other important review criteria. First, make sure any instant account setup web host offers a 30-day money back guarantee. This way if the web host has a process problem and your account isn't setup immediately for you, or alternatively you end up not liking the service, you can get a refund of the fees you have paid. Second, Plesk hosting accounts should cost no more than $10. Our research into these instant setup Plesk hosting services has found that most average between $8-10 per month (when paid annually or bi-annually). If you find an instant Plesk host that costs more than this, double-check to make sure you are getting something to make it worth paying more for - e.g. enhanced technical support.

    We want to hear back from you about your cheap instant Plesk hosting experiences. If you've tried Lunarpages and want to submit a review on their Windows website hosting services, simply email your recommendation (good or bad) to If you want to review more of the best Plesk web hosts you can also visit our Plesk Hosting Showcase found by clicking here.

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