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  • Plesk CGI Windows Website Hosting Services

    A Free Guide on How to Buy CGI Plesk Hosting on Windows 2003 Servers

    Andy in Winnipeg writes us: I'm looking for a CGI Plesk hosting provider. What recommendations do you have for finding the best CGI Plesk Windows web hosting service and who do you suggest as a cheap CGI Plesk web host?

    Can I use CGI with Plesk Windows web hosting? Yes with us!
    EasyCGI - Affordable CGI Plesk Web Hosting - $9.95 Paid Monthly

    Our Plesk CGI Hosting response: Plesk hosting with CGI script support can be found if you know what to look for. In general, CGI BIN applications are supported on Plesk Windows web servers, although there will be varying levels of permissions. If you want to use CGI Plesk hosting with certain write permissions you should always check with your web host. But for 95% of CGI Plesk hosting scripts you will be fine. Looking at the features page of Plesk control panel Windows hosting account, you should see a CGI or CGI-BIN feature. If check, the web host in question offers CGI Plesk web hosting. In addition, the first question in your CGI Plesk hosting review should be to ask whether you need a particular version of Plesk. For example, Plesk Reloaded web hosting that includes CGI support can be bought at midPhase for $9.95. In constrast, the most popular and reliable CGI Plesk hosting company that we know of is EasyCGI. As the best CGI Plesk web hosting service, EasyCGI offers 350GB of web space and 3500GB of traffic for only $7.96 per month. One way to determine a top CGI Plesk hosting company on your review list is to examine the number of customers a Plesk web host has. Suffice it say, without at least 2000-3000 customers do not choose a web host (this doesn't apply if you are looking for a dedicated hosting using Plesk since servers are a different point). In general, a CGI Plesk web host needs several thousand customers in order to realize economies of scale possible with web hosting and the associated CGI Plesk hosting technical support demands in order to provide a reputable service. For example, at both midPhase and EasyCGI the customer counts are in the tens of thousands providing a good CGI Plesk hosting environment from both a features and support standpoint. The second experience tip we give for those who want to buy CGI Plesk web hosting is to avoid long-term contracts. Since Plesk often releases new versions you want to make sure your web host is upgrading your server. If you are on a multi-year contract, the Plesk CGI web host is under no obligation to move you to a new machine with the better features. By keeping your contract short, such as paying monthly with EasyCGI for CGI Plesk hosted web solutions, you will always maintain bargaining power over your web host - plus you will spend less upfront

    Finding cheap Plesk web hosting with CGI on Windows 2003 or cheap Plesk web hosting with CGI on Windows 2008 can be more challenging. If you want Linux web hosting using a control panel like cPanel, you can likely save some money. However, Plesk does offer some unique operational functionality not found in cPanel. Compare cPanel Hosting here. The cheapest CGI Plesk Windows hosting company we've found is still EasyCGI. At less than $10 a month, even when paid monthly, it will be tough to find a low cost CGI Plesk web host that is cheaper than they are. There are a few web hosts located offshore that offer discount CGI Plesk website hosting but we do not recommend these company. We recommend you choose a US or Canadian CGI Plesk Windows host if you can because as an advanced web hosting buyer you may require technical support which could operate more efficiently if they CGI Plesk web host is located domestically.

    Top CGI Plesk Web Hosting - Click Here

    One final suggestion for finding the best CGI Plesk hosts is to check out the additional services that come with each web hosting account purchased. Today, most webmasters who want to use CGI scripts on Plesk Windows web servers expect value-add for their hosting dollars. Companies like EasyCGI offer free web design software and a domain name. Others like midPhase CGI supply you with complimentary marketing credits. If you are considering a local CGI Plesk hosting provider that doesn't offer complimentary benefits as part of the overall hosting account, print off the websites of a competitor such as EasyCGI and ask them to price-match or feature-match. That way, no matter who you ultimately decide as your top CGI Plesk Windows web host to be, you can rest well knowing you have attempted to get the best possible deal. Naturally, you can also check out the other web hosts, both Windows and Linux, that make our monthly Top 10 hosting list.

    Thank you for reading our response to your question on using CGI with Plesk Windows servers. If you or any other reader is curious about a related CGI and Plesk hosting on either Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 web hosting issue, simply email us at and we will do our best to respond.

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