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    cPanel Hosting and Webhost Manager Reseller Web Hosting

    cPanel Hosting and Webhost Manager (WHM) Control Panel
    cPanel Hosting and Webhost Manager (WHM) combine to be regarded as one of the best web hosting control panels for the Linux based web server. Some of the best web hosts in the world that offer the cheapest hosting accounts have chosen the best-ranked cPanel Hosting Webhost Manager combination. In this Top cPanel Web Host Hosting guide, we take a closer look at the best cPanel hosting features that make the affordable cPanel hosting Web Host Manager combination a good choice among the best free web hosting and fee-based web hosting providers. HostMonster is among the best reliable cPanel web hosts that have chosen the cPanel hosting platform and Webhost Manager (WHM) software combination to provide their customers with an easy to use, trouble free, and cheap web hosting experience. To learn more about HostMonster and see their free cPanel hosting demo available at their website click here.

    cPanel Hosting - What is cheapest cPanel hosting and the Webhost Manager?
    cPanel website hosting is the virtual control panel that you will use to manage and administer all of the best administration features at your website. The Webhost Manager (WHM) is an easy server administration interface that lets the hosting reseller, and/or the web host, control all of the websites and functions of the Linux web server (dedicated or shared), including the web-based cPanel control panel.

    cPanel Hosting for only $5.95/month - Click Here!
    cPanel Hosting Control Panel Host - $5.95/month - Click Here!

    The cPanel Hosting Control Panel is Easy to Use and Free
    cPanel hosting control panels provide an easy to use and fully featured browser based interface that allows a website owner to manage their website. In the cPanel control panel, you are able to set up email accounts, manage sub-domains, redirect URLs, set up and manage FTP accounts, and much, much more. Most of the very complex tasks of managing your website, including database administration, are presented in and easy to understand manner using icons and text. In many cases, your web host will include cPanel Addons that will let you set up complex hosting applications and scripts with one click of a button. Some of the cPanel Addons include Shopping Carts, Guestbooks, Image Gallery, Forums, Wiki Systems, Content Management Systems, Blogs and a large number of other useful website tools. The integrated help files are accessed quickly to explain everything in more detail.

    Web host providers offer the cPanel control panel for free with their hosting plans as it saves them an incredible amount of time and money by giving you the ability to administer all of the things that would normally require a support technician.

    The Webhost Manager (WHM)
    The Webhost Manager is used by web host provider and resellers to administer all aspects of their web hosting plans and billing in an easy to use browser based control panel. It provides a central control panel where the web host or hosting reseller can control and keep track of all their customers. In addition, the web host or hosting reseller can set up the various types of hosting plans they wish to offer, manage discount pricing settings, plan features, billing, technical support tickets much more. The features and strengths of the affordable cPanel Webhost Manager are far too many to list in this review article. If you are interested in becoming a hosting reseller, launching a hosting company, or reviewing the cPanel hosting software in more detail you would be well advised to review and test the cPanel and Webhost Manager combination. For a list of Resellers that provide the Webhost Manager and cPanel Hosting control panel, visit some of the web hosts found in the Reseller Hosting Showcase. Alternatively, you may wish to visit the cPanel software company that produces this great, low-cost back-end software - you can visit them by clicking here. Of course, whether you are a hosting buyer or a potential reseller/affiliate, the third option is simply to check out an online cPanel demo.

    In summary, if you are looking for hosting and want the ability to have access and control over managing many of the features of your website, the take some time to review the Demo found here at HostMonster. We are sure you will be impressed!

    Another great cPanel web host is HostGator. HostGator offers some unique low-cost, budget cPanel website hosting plans by supplying unlimited website and unlimited domain name hosting plans. In addition, the cPanel version that HostGator uses enables them to offer unlimited MySQL database service hosting. Those looking for a third cheap cPanel web host option would be advised to check out HostGator.

    If you are considering becoming a web host or hosting reseller, you should take a very close look at what the Webhost Manager and cPanel Hosting combination can do and how it can help your business get off the ground and grow.

    Top Cheap cPanel Web Hosts

  • #1 Cheap cPanel Web Host - HostMonster

  • #2 Best Cheap cPanel Web Host - BlueHost

  • #3 Cheap cPanel Web Host - FastDomain

    If you still need more hosts to consider in your cPanel WHM review, try our cPanel Hosting Showcase or our cPanel Reseller Hosting Showcase. Thanks again for visiting. We welcome any cPanel or WHM user feedback from actual hosting customers. Just drop us an email at the address found below.

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