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    A Free Guide to the Best Blog Hosting Services

    Nicholas in Toronto asked us about searching for the blog hosting service: I'm looking for the best blog hosting service for my WordPress website. What tips and cheap blog hosting service recommendations can you provide me so that I find the top blog hosting service for less money.

    3-Step Guide to Conducting your Blog Hosting Service Review Finding the top blog hosting service is made much easier when you know what type of information to look for in your blog hosting service review. Starting at a blog hosting service directory like ours, is a great step towards making your search for the cheapest blog hosting service possible. Step One Make sure your blog hosting service offers complete and total MySQL support. Since blogs require database support, be careful not to buy a web hosting package that won't be compatible with your blog. The best blog hosting services support most of the popular blog software such a Word Press, Type Pad, and so on. The second element to finding an affordable blog hosting service is to locate blog hosts that are priced competitively. This is often the largest amount of work in your blog hosting service search and you should ask someone like us to recommend blog hosting services as a starting point since that will save you considerable time when reviewing blog hosting service for the first time. You will find a blog hosting service ranking of our top three blog hosting services, but this should only be the start of your search. If you are not happy with these low cost blog hosting services you can find more blog web hosting companies in our complimentary Blog Hosting Showcase. Once your blog hosting service review has identifed two or three blog hosts that appear interesting, you then need to refine your list to determine the best blog hosting services for your particular needs. Pay attention to the amount of traffic and web space that a blog hosting service provider allows. In general, reliable blog hosting services such as HostGator and BlueHostwill supply unlimited web space and bandwidth. This should be your blog hosting service allowance floor - if a blog host offers less, ask them why. Other factors to compare when looking for a cheap blog hosting service are obviously the price per month. Most often you will purchase blog hosting on one, two or three year contracts. The general rule of thumb when it comes to blog hosting service prices is that the longer your contract period and upfront payment, the lower your equivalent monthly fee. Now, if you want to buy a blog hosting service on a month to month basis, this is still possible. However, it is becoming more and more difficult to find blog hosting services that offer no contract terms. That said, BlueHost does offer a great blog hosting service account that can be bought monthly for a really inexpensive price of $4.95 per month.

    The third element to finding a really good blog hosting service is to compare the "extras" that many great blog hosting services offer. By this we mean the free stuff that a blog host offers in order to get your business. Some blog hosting companies like Lunarpages offer hundreds of dollars of free software to help you build your website. Other companies like IX Web Hosting offer free marketing tools, while others still like HostMonster offer you a free domain name for your blog. In addition, to these free blog hosting bonuses that a very good blog hosting service should offer, you should naturally verify that each blog hosting provider on your list comes with a 30-day money back guarantee (to ensure your satisfaction post-purchase) and a 99.5% (or better) uptime guarantee. These are common blog hosting service industry standards and an inexpensive blog hosting service without such high-quality and blog server uptime guarantees might be covering up web server reliability issues.

    Top Blog Hosting Services for this month from our Blog Hosting Showcase Review Winners

    Cheap Blog Hosting Service Recommendation #1- BlueHost
    Cheap Blog Hosting Service Disk Space: Unlimited MB
    Cheap Blog Hosting Service Traffic Allowance: Unlimited MB
    Cheapest Blog Hosting Service Cost (bi-annual term): $4.95/month | Top Ranked Blog Hosting Service for Small Businesses
    Cheap Blog Hosting Service Customer Base: 500,000+ Customers

    Top Blog Hosting Service Recommendation #2 - HostMonster
    Top Blog Hosting Service Space: Unlimited GB
    Blog Hosting Service's Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    Blog Hosting Service Pricing: $6.95/month | Affordable Blog Hosting Service
    Number of MySQL Databases per Blog Hosting Service Plan: 100
    Lowest Blog Hosting Service Pricing: $5.95/month - On Sale

    Best Blog Hosting Service Provider #3 - HostGator
    Best Blog Hosting Service Space: Unlimited GB
    Best Blog Hosting Service Bandwidth: Unlimited GB | Bandwidth Monitoring within Account Panel
    Full MySQL Database Support with their Blog Hosting Service: Yes
    Cheapest Blog Hosting Service Package Pricing:$4.95/month | Available

    Thanks for your inquiry into finding the top blog hosting services. We hope this three step guide to finding a trusted blog hosting service has made structuring your blog hosting service provider search easier. If you still can't locate a top-ranked blog hosting service company, you might wish to check our monthly Top 10 list which contains a number of other blog hosting service rankings.

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