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    A Resource to Determining the Average Web Hosting Price

    Nickel in Seattle writes: What is the average cost for web hosting? I need to know the average hosting cost and I'm confused because the various web hosts I visit all seem to have different average web hosting prices. Can you help me search out a straight answer?

    Our Average Hosting Pricing Answer:First, the "average hosting cost" will vary depending upon the product category you are looking for. The average hosting cost for shared hosting will be different that the average hosting price for dedicated hosting. Second, hosting costs are typically on a downward trend (some people call web hosting a commodity). Therefore, the average hosting cost for 2014 is likely to be less expensive or equal to the average hosting cost for 2013. Determining the type of website hosting you require is your first step in producing an average hosting cost chart. Our web hosting price directory is sensitive to help you review average costs and pricing for web hosting with the goal to finding the most affordable and least expensive pricing and costs that you can. If you want to spend money and pay a higher average web host cost than necessary then this report probably isn't for you. A great guide to determing the average hosting cost is to look at the fastest growing web hosting companies. These providers start to define what the average hosting price moving forward will be. More often than not, the new website hosting providers and generating lower and lower average web hosting prices because they continue to automate more and more of their service offerings (e.g. back-end customer support) enabling them to pass along, through increased discounted monthly pricing, a better average web hosting pricing. In our opinion, the average hosting cost today is around the $5-7 per month range; with a two-year purchase. You see, when you buy web hosting with different contract periods, the average web hosting cost that you pay will vary. A longer-contract will enable a lower average web hosting price. On the flip side of that research, a higher average web host cost will be associated with shorter-term contracts.

    Average web hosting costs for dedicated servers is quite different. In our opinion, you are probably look at between $99-$129 for an average, entry level dedicated hosting pricing. Keep in mind that the variability around average hosting prices for dedicated servers is much greater than that of shared hosting. Thus, if you are looking for the cheapest average hosting cost, you should purchase shared web hosting since it will deliver the lowest average hosting cost. Only shared web hosting will truly generate a cheap average hosting cost for your website and application hosting needs. Finally, before we provide you a list of the fast growing web hosts that deliver what we believe to be top average hosting costs, we should point out that the average web hosting price will vary based on the operating system. The $5-7 dollar range we provided is the average hosting cost for Linux hosting. The average hosting cost for Windows hosting is higher, between $8 for a company like IX Web Hosting and $10 for a provider such as StartLogic. StartLogic's average hosting cost is $8.95 per month for Windows. IX Web Hosting average hosting cost is $4.96 per month for Linux versus $8.95 per month for Windows.

    Top 3 Cheapest Average Hosting Cost Packages for Webmasters, Developers, Small Businesses, and Individuals

    Best Average Web Host Cost #1 - HostMonster - Most Popular Review Choice!
    Web Hosting Space: Unlimited GB
    Hosting Traffic: Unlimited GB
    Average 2-Year Hosting Contract Cost: $5.95/month
    Average 1-Year Web hosting purchase pricing: $6.95/month
    Average Price includes a Free Website Builder: Free Website Builder included at no extra cost!

    Top Average Hosting Cost Provider #2- BlueHost
    Average Hosting Web Space: Unlimited GB
    Average Hosting Traffic Allowance: Unlimited GB
    Lowest Average Hosting Cost (multi-year term): $4.95/month
    Price for Web Hosting on an Annual Plan: $4.95/month

    Lowest Average Web Hosting Price
    Lowest Average Web Hosting Price

    Above Average Web Host Provider #3- IX Web Hosting | Cheapest, most reliable costs
    Cheap Average Hosting Plan Web Space: Unlimited
    Cheap HostingPlan Traffic Allowance: Unlimited
    Average Hosting Price (bi-annual term): $3.95/month
    Average Hosting Pricing for 1-Year Term: $3.95/month

    Thanks again for your question around the pricing and cost structure for web hosting today. Keep in mind that the Average Web Host Cost will change over time, the trend is more features for the same (or less) money. Thus, we recommend if you want to continue to stay informed about buying or purchasing models and strategies for the best average hosting cost you should bookmark your answer since we will update and bring the latest web hosting news to it as web hosting plan pricing in the website host industry changes. Our average hosting cost guide is updated regularly so be sure to bookmark this page and check back from time to time to see how you can lower your monthly hosting costs.

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