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  • Audio Video Hosting Review

    Finding the Best Audio + Video Web Hosts Available Online

    Compare audio video hosting & then see how great this audio video web hosting service is!

    Jamirque W. in Houston writes us: I need some great audio video hosting. Can you recommend some of the top audio video hosts to me? I'm trying to keep my budget for audio video hosting to under $10 a month, and since I can't buy unlimited audio video hosting without unlimited bucks, I'm seeking to balance lots of audio video web host account features while still staying in my price point.

    For those who are new to audio video hosting, let's first describe what an audio video hosting service is so that you can properly conduct an audio video hosting review. An audio video web host is an Internet services company that offers a total hosted solution around both audio and video web hosting needs. Hosting an audio and video website in one place is the primary reason to buy great audio video hosting. When you buy audio video hosting, you don't need to purchase two separate hosting services, one for audio and the other for video. By doing this, you will find that cheap audio video hosting often becomes the best audio video hosting because both your audio and video files are all stored online at one particular audio video web host. In turn, by using only one audio video host you will save money each month by not paying twice for the same service. The trick behind a successful audio video hosting search is that there are numerous file codings for both audio and video files and therefore you need to double-check to make sure that the low cost audio video file web hosting service you are considering, does indeed support the file-types for the type of audio and video hosting you want to do.

    When reviewing and comparing different audio and video hosting services, you should also look at their uptime guarantee policy. A good audio video host will guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. That is the big difference between free audio video hosting vs. paid audio video hosting. A commercial audio video hosting delivers a level of uptime that a free audio video service just can't do. While most small businesses automatically choose to buy commercial audio video hosting from low cost audio video hosting companies like HostMonster and IX Web Hosting, there are always a free individuals who think that free audio video hosting is the right way to go. Wrong. When you can buy such cheap audio video web hosting as IX Web Hosting's $4.95 per month, and know that your service uptime will be guaranteed, you are far better to skip that expensive coffee and spend the money on web hosting instead. The other IT policy that you should review from any potential audio video provider you will be selecting is to examine that audio video hosting providers refund policy. A 30-day refund policy is standard with most audio + video hosts, but some of the best audio video hosts like IX Web Hosting continue that guarantee throughout every since month of your contract. The best audio video hosts have the best policies, so you will find yourself getting royal treatment if you keep your eye on the commitments that any cheap audio video host offers you. If you need audio video hosting on a monthly basis and want to just pay month by month, you should consider going with a monthly plan, but keep in mind that the pricing will be higher, and since IX Web Hosting, will let you cancel anytime with a partial refund that is usually the way to buy the best audio video hosting.

    HostMonster #1 Top Ranked Audio Video Hosting Provider
    Audio Hosting Streaming Service Rank: Audio Video Host Provider: Audio Video Host Service: Audio Video Host Server Web Space: Audio & Video Host Bandwidth/Traffic Limit: Cheap Audio Hosting Monthly Price:
    #1 HostMonster Yes Unlimited GB Unlimited GB $5.95/mo. - ON SALE
    Audio + Video Hosting Review Commentary: We recommend audio video hosting from HostMonster since they offer an audio + video web hosting service that delivers a complete audio video solution without a big price tag. You get massive audio video file storage space, unlimited storage space, and with unlimited file transfer it becomes an audio video hosting product that will suit every multimedia webmasters dream. Currently priced at $5.95 per month, we find this top audio video hosting company to offer some of the cheapest yet most reliable web hosting server accounts on the market. Worth your time to evaluate and it receives high recommendations based on user feedback and product specs. They also support International clients and customers.
    Special Audio Video Host Offer
    Blue Host - #2 Top Audio Video Online Storage Service
    Audio Video Hosting Ranking: Audio Video Host Company: Discount Audio Video Web Hosting Prices: Audio Video Server Space: How much unlimited use audio video traffic allowance? : Affordable Audio Video Hosting Solution?:
    #2 BlueHost Yes Unlimited GB Unlimited GB $4.95 per month
    Audio Video Web Host Comments:
    BlueHost is a great Audio Video Host Provider. With plenty of room for music, songs, sermons, business speeches, whatever - you will enjoy the free website builder to deliver a nice looking audio + video website.
    Money-back hosting with free domain name!
    IX Web Hosting #3 Cheap Audio Web Host
    Top Audio Video Hosting Rank: Top Audio Video Host Name: Superior Refund Policy based on Audio Video Hosting User Feedback: Audio + Video Server Space: Cheap Audio Video Web Host Traffic: Cheap Audio Video Monthly Cost:
    #3 IX Web Hosting Yes Unlimited GB Unlimited GB $3.95/mo.
    Cheapest Audio Video Hosting Provider Comments:
    IX Web Hosting is by far the cheapest audio video hosting anywhere. Priced from $3.95 per month, this ultra cheap audio video web host delivers low cost hosting plus high levels of technical support. With capacity to host most audio and video file types, it is worth reviewing this budget audio video host for all types of audio video files hosting. Be aware that IX Web Hosting does not support adult audio video hosting.
    Cheap Hosting Recommendation

    Thank you for taking the time to read our audio video hosting article. We hope that if has made our audio video web hosting search easier and as always, should you want additional information on how to compare audio video web hosts, don't hesitate to email us your audio video hosting company or service question.


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