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    A Guide to Finding Affordable Web Hosting Packages Online

    Affordable Web Hosting Package. Can you recommend an Affordable Web Hosting Package to me that doesn't cost very much but can still deliver the best affordable web hosting package on the market. Ideally, this package would include web design and hosting tools in one single purchase.

    Our Affordable Web Hosting Package Answer: Affordable Web Hosting Packages are typically defined as web hosting priced between $5 to $10 a month. The most Affordable Web Hosting Package will be towards the bottom end of that range. Whereas premium or high quality Affordable Web Hosting Packages will generally be at the top-end. We've put together some of the best Affordable web host packages we think are offered for you to use while conducting your affordable web hosting package review. Keep in mind that an affordable web site hosting package purchase is still an individual decision. Other factors, beyond price, such as web space, bandwidth, control panels, server quality, and technical support levels will dictate which among the various affordable web hosts you will ultimately purchase from. But a key factor to keep in mind when purchasing an affordable hosting package is always to go with the lowest cost option if you don't need other features. Most affordable hosts will provide a money back guarantee if something goes wrong (30-day), so minimizing your upfront hosting investment by buying an affordable hosting package priced right will make that "return" to another host easier. When reviewing an affordable web hosting package, look to see how many other clients have purchase that providers affordable web hosting package - usually its' their most popular account. A good web host can be separate from a bad web host when it comes to an affordable web hosting package since large numbers of customer will usually recognize the advantages and disadvantages of a particular affordable web hosting package or plan and go with the better of the two. Thus, the number of customers that a cheap provider has can indicates not only their popularity but can actually serve as a useful customer feedback or user review tool by inherently evaluating the relative attractiveness of a given web hosts affordable web hosting package. Affordable Web Site Hosting Packages will also usually come in a one-size fits all. Often, when a cheap affordable web host has multiple plans it is simply a way of extracting more money from customers. Just find a good one plan host with lots of features (e.g. unlimited space and traffic) and your website can grow in traffic with that host. Most Affordable Web Site Hosting companies know that if they had a multitude of accounts to choose from, the most affordable web hosting package could only really be one of them (can't have more than one top plan can you?). So most web hosts, though varying the pricing based on contract length, will offer an all-inclusive Affordable Web Site Hosting Package that fits the needs of most small businesses and individuals. Aside from our top affordable web hosting package recommendation, HostMonster, we also encourage you to research the other packages out there to ascertain your best choice.

    Top 3 Affordable Web Hosting Packages

    Best Affordable Hosting Package Provider #1 - HostMonster - Most Popular Review Choice!
    Affordable Hosting Package Space: Unlimited
    Affordable Hosting Package Bandwidth: Unlimited
    Affordable Hosting Package 2 Year Cost: $5.95/month
    Affordable Hosting Package 1 Term Price: $7.95/month
    Affordable Web Design Hosting Package: Free Website Builder included at no extra cost! This makes HostMonster the best Affordable Web Design Hosting Package since you get free web design software and hosting for one low monthly fee.

    Affordable Hosting Package #2- BlueHost
    Affordable Hosting Package Web Space: Unlimited MB
    Affordable Hosting Package Traffic Allowance: No Limit File Transfer
    Cheapest Affordable Hosting Package Pricing (bi-annual term): $6.95/month
    Lowest Cost Affordable Hosting Package Cost on 1 Year Contract: $7.95/month

    Most Affordable Web Hosting Package
    Most Affordable Web Hosting Package

    Affordable Web Site Hosting Package Provider #3- IX Web Hosting | Cheapest, most reliable packages
    Affordable Web Site Hosting Package Web Space: Unlimited
    Affordable Web Site Hosting Package Bandwidth: Unlimited
    Average Affordable Web Site Hosting Package Price (bi-annual term): $3.95/month

    You should also be thinking about using an affordable website hosting package for reseller purposes. Many affordable web hosting packages come with reseller options, so think about using your account to host unlimited websites. This is not only a way to make your affordable hosting package pay for itself, but it can also generate a positive net income for you.

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