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  • MultiDomain Windows Hosting Packages Review

    Where to Find the Best Multiple Domain Windows Packages for Website Hosting

    Gary in Georgetown writes us: I need a Multidomain Windows Hosting Package for my new website and am trying to find the best Multidomain Windows Web Hosts - can you help with my review?

    Our MultiDomain Windows Packages response : Sure: The Multidomain Windows Hosting Packages although rare online do exist. The key to searching for Multidomain Windows Packages is to know what you are looking for in a Multiple Domain Windows 2003 Web Hosting company and how to properly evaluate such hosting providers. Key factors to a good multidomain Windows website hosting package search include:

  • Does the multidomain Windows package have competitive pricing? The lowest cost multiple domain Windows hosts offer shared hosting plans of high-quality but are still priced under $20 a month. We have found reliable multidomain Windows packages priced at: $7.96/month | $8.95/month | and $14.95/month

  • Does the multidomain Windows web hosting package provider offer 30-day refund periods? This isn't a way to get free hosting but rather should be seen as insurance that your multiple domain Windows 2003 web host is as good as you thought it to be. Without a refund period, you might not be happy with your multidomain web host and be frustrated that you can't switch to a better Multiple Domain Windows host.

    350GB of Windows 2008 Web Space with Unlimited Domain Aliasing Services

  • Which type of multiple domain web hosting does your multi-domain Windows host support and how do they do this? For example, your web host migth offer multiple domain aliasing. Multiple domain aliasing hosting allows you to route up to unlimited domains through to a single website - this is great for domain name parking revenue generation. Other multi-domain Windows pacakges from hosts permit multiple (or even unlimited) domain names to be pointed to various sub-directories on your Windows 2003 web server. Check out the online demos offered by the top Windows 2003 web hosts to see how their domain web server functionality performs.

  • Does your multi domain Windows package include any free domain names? As a general rule, you should get at least one free domain name from a good Windows host when you buy a year of hosting. BUT, there are a few web hosts, such as IX Web Hosting who will actually buy you multiple domains and supply them for free to you for life. The IX Web Hosting $14.95/monthly plan offers you 3 Free Domains with unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth. It is worth doing the cost-benefit analysis when deciding upon multidomain Windows site hosting and including the value of complimentary domain names.

    Multidomain Windows Hosting Packages

    Our Windows unlimited domain hosting user review editors have reviewed a large number of multiple domain Windows hosting companies to generate a list of the best Windows 2003 web hosts who support multidomain functionality in their hosting plans. Here our the top multi-domain Windows web hosting providers. If you want to look at more web hosts you can review our Windows Hosting Showcase and our Top 10 ranking.

    #1 - EasyCGI - EasyCGI offers a huge Windows 2003 hosting plan with 350GB of web space and 3500GB of bandwidth. The plan includes 1 free domain name and unlimited domain name aliasing allowing you powerful control panel support in a multidomain hosting platform.

    #2 - IX Web Hosting - A great and cheap multi-domain Windows hosting package service, the IX Web Hosting business plan is priced at $8.95 per month and comes with the ability to host 8 domain names in 1 account. The unlimited Windows 2003 server space and unlimited bandwidth will allow you the multi-domain Windows website hosting or reseller opportunity to resell web space on a multi-domain Windows package given the huge allowance. Recommended for resellers and power-hungry hosting purchasers.

    #3 - midPhase - Although more expensive than most multi-domain name Windows hosting recommendations, this still budget Windows multi-domain web host offers unlimited domain name Windows hosting plus unmetered bandwidth in a $14.95/monthly plan. One free domain name for readers is included.

    Thanks for your inquiry into MultiDomain Windows 2003 packages. We hope that this free guide has been helpful to you in locating the most reliable multidomain web hosts for your new website.

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