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    International Domain Name Registration - Register and Find Web Hosting for an International Domain Name

    International Domain Name Registration User Question: What is International Domain Name Registration? Why should I register international domain names and how do I get it hosted?

    International Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting Answer:International Domain Name Registration is the best way to make sure you control your website domain name and brand in all of the country specific top-level domain name extensions. For example, you will usually register your website domain name in one of the three main top level extensions of either .COM, .ORG, or .NET. This means that your website domain name will look like yourdomain.COM, yourdomain.ORG, yourdomain.NET.

    Top level international domain name registrations will let you have the same website domain name but it will have the country specific extension as in yourdomain.US, yourdomain.CA or yourdomain.UK. HostMonster supports international domain names and their web hosting. This means that they are registered to ensure that international domain names and any of the special characters they may contain can be resolved to the domain name servers in their data centers.

    When it comes to International Domain Name Hosting, you don't actually need to buy International Domain Name Hosting that's in your country. So long as the International Domain Name Web Host has domain servers able to register and host my international domains, that's fine. International Domain Name Registration and web hosting can easily be bought together, and sometimes you will receive free international domain name hosting with your web space hosting account. International domain name resellers can also sell hosting to their local Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. marketplace.

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    So the question becomes, what do I as someone looking for domain name hosting or .ca domain hosting do? Well, you'll find the cheapest domain name hosting and .ca domain name hosting in the United States. So if you want to save money, just check with the web hosting provider to make sure they can support your country's particular domain name extension. Chances are, if they do support a domain name extension, for example a .jp domain, they will also assist with the registration of that international domain name alongside the web hosting account.

    There are a number of benefits when you register international domain name. The most obvious is to protect your website domain and company brand. There are some limitations on whether you are allowed to register an international domain name. The most common prerequisite is that you live and/or or your company is operating in the country that your wish to register an international domain name. It is best to check with the country authorities domain name registrar of the country you wish to register with. Even if you are allowed to register an international domain name, it is important to note that it may not be affordable or practical. Even though you will not have to have multiple websites as all domain names can be resolved to the same website, it is usually a good idea to have your website translated into the language of the country where you have registered.

    We want to hear from you about your experience with multi domain international web hosting. Please feel free to drop us an email if you find a good (or bad) web host that provides cheap and affordable international domain web hosting.

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