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    A Guide to Finding a Provider of SME Email Web Hosting

    Email Hosting Provider SME Buyers: Click Here for Cheap Web Based Email Hosting Plans and Packages for SME's

    SME Email Web Hosting Top 10 Winner for 2013 - Click here for the only SME Email Host with unlimited POP3 accounts

    Joan in Denver writes us: Where can I find a top ranked Email Hositng Provider SME solution? I need to find the top email web hosting for the small to medium enterprise segment but don't know where to begin my email hosting for SME search?

    Our email hosting SME response: When you are searching for the best SME Email Hosting Provider there are a few factors you need to include in your criteria. First, good SME Email Hosting Providers will offer large email account plans without an expensive price tag. In fact, you can find an unlimited SME email web host for under $10 a month. There are a large number of reliable email hosting providers designed for SME's that meet that product:price threshold including HostMonster and StartLogic - both of which are highly recommend as an SME email hosting service by our email and website hosting directory. As far as we are concerned, those needing an SME email hosting provider should be always watch the pricing of a reliable small business hosting plan. If you are more towards the medium-end of the SME email hosting scale in terms of company size you can obviously afford to pay more for excellent SME email hosting but the reality is that you don't need to. While recognizing that an shared SME email web hosting server will not be as secure as a dedicated hosting platform, it is a matter of balancing budget vs. desires. If you are interested in using a dedicated server for SME e-mail hosting then you can compare email hosting providers for SME purchasers in our Dedicated Server Showcase.

    The second important criteria to look for in an SME email web hosting package is the number of POP3 email accounts. Capacity is a major consideration factor for those who need email hosting at the SME level. Since small-to-medium companies are fast growing, the need to add more email accounts to accomodate employee growth can be a big headache in using a limited email web hosting company. Thus, you should consider, in advance, the SME email hosting capacity needs your will have not just right now but one or three years down the road. Be sure that the best SME email hosting provider you choose provides the email hosting plan flexibility you require. When looking for the best SME email hosting provider it is also useful to confirm that the offer webmail. Webmail allows SME's to provide employees with browser-based email access that they can use at home, in the office, or while traveling. The top email hosting providers for SME customers usually provide webmail for free in their website hosting accounts, so don't expect to pay extra for it should you select one of our recommend email hosting providers for SMEs below.

    Our third suggestion for email hosting SME style is to go with a website hosting plan that incorporates your email hosting needs. Some email hosting providers sell separate web hosting and e-mail hosting packages. This is an unncessary headache and expense. Choose an SME email web host that offers both in a single plan. If you don't have a website right now, you will soon. If you have a website, there is not need to pay extra to host your eMail accounts separately. The one exception to this general SME email web hosting rule is if you need Exchange hosting. SME Exchange hosting is usually delivered on different Windows 2003 web servers that are not used to host your website so an Exchange hosting SME provider will often have to sell the plan separately. For a list of SME Exchange hosting vendors check out our SME Exchange Hosting Showcase. Of course, an obvious tip for SME email hosting providers is to examine their customer-count. The more clients a recommended SME email hosting provider has, the better the chance their service levels and reliability will meet your needs - they are clearly meeting the needs of other email hosting SME buyers. As a safe rule, go with SME email hosting companies that have at least 10,000 customers/domains hosted on their web servers. This is not a difficult threshold to meet and many reputable eMail web hosts such as HostMonster, BlueHost, IX Web Hosting, StartLogic, and HostGator all meet this customer count. If you want to pay for SME email hosting on a monthly basis - two of the most popular month-to-month SME web hosting providers are HostGator and EasyCGI - both of whom make our top rated monthly web hosting list.

    Top SME Email Host Services starting at $6.95 per month
    Web Mail Hosting designed with SME Business Class Service in Mind! has researched a list of premium SME email hosting companies in this monthly email hosting provider SME review. The following reliable SME hosts are worth visiting and including in your email hosting search. HostMonster is our #1 Top Ranked SME Email Hosting service principally because they offer unlimited POP3 email hosting accounts - plus a 99.9% uptime guarantee - all within a low cost web hosting package.

    #1 SME Email Hosting Provider - HostMonster
    Best SME Email Hosting Provider Rank: SME Email Hosting Provider Corporate Name: Free Website Builder Software with Account: Number of SME POP3 Email Hosting Accounts: SME Email Hosting Pricing:
    #1 HostMonster Yes Unlimited $5.95/mo. On Sale
    Email Hosting Provider SME Review : Looking for affordable Small business e-mail + website hosting? Host Monster includes unlimited email accounts, as well as Webmail browser based email access with their web hosting plans. Their web based email hosting accounts are cheap, reliable and secure.
    Buy Internet E Mail Hosting
    #2 Email Hosting Provider SME - IX Web Hosting
    Top Email Hosting Provider SME Rank: Email Hosting Provider SME Corporate Company Name: SME Email Web Hosting with Free Domain Name: List Quantity of SME Email Host Accounts Included: Email Hosting for SME Costs:
    #2 IX Web Hosting Yes 2,500 $3.95/mo.
    SME Email Web Hosting Review :
    IX Web Hosting provides easy and simply access to all of your trusted employee email accounts using web based email software plus they offer both Windows 2003 and Linux SME email hosting server choices. Don't let their low cost SME email hosting prices scare you away - their service quality is actually quite high.
    Special SME eMail Hosting Offer
    #3 Top Ranked Email Hosting SME Solution - BlueHost
    Best SME Email Provider Rank: International SME Email Hosting Supported? Email Hosting includes MySQL Databases? Email Hosting SME Account Limit: Affordable SME Web Hosting Monthly Fees:
    #3 BlueHost Yes 2,500 $6.95/mo.
    Webmail for SME Email Hosting Reviewed :
    Great choice for first-class business level service. BlueHost rounds out our best SME webmail + email Hosting providers. A reliable and secure web mail server infrastructure ensure 24/7 access to your company and personal email accounts. With a huge 2,500 email addresses included with every business-class email hosting account, this website+email hosting solution is worth considering.
    Special Offer for .com, .net & .ca domain account owners

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