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    Email Hosting Protection by XO Communications

    Email Hosting Security Service Helps Protect Businesses from High Costs of Spam, Email Viruses and Denial of Service Attacks

    By Staff Writer


    Email Hosting service by XO Communications, Perimeter Email Protection (PEP), expands the existing XO email and hosting service delivery platform to provide businesses with increased email security and optimal mail server performance, and helps combat increasing costs associated with junk email, denial of service attacks and viruses spreading on the Internet.

    According to a survey released last year by the University of Maryland, the cost of spam in terms of lost productivity has reached more than $21 billion annually. XO Perimeter Email Protection helps businesses address these costs by providing a complete suite of email security capabilities to help protect email systems at the edge of the network. The service provides the following features:

    • User Validation: Validates incoming email against legitimate e-mail users provided by the business and rejects unwanted email before it arrives at the customer's server, resulting in better mail server performance.
    • Email Protection: Provides on-premise mail servers with a robust level of protection against e-mail based denial of service and dictionary attacks as well as spam.
    • Email Disaster Recovery: Reduces loss of all incoming email if the mail server goes down and delivers email when the server is restored.
    • Reporting: Provides daily reports on how a business' email server is being protected.


    "Email is the lifeblood of business communications and all too often it is brought to a halt by something that can be easily prevented," said Barbara Branaman, vice president and general manager of XO's hosting business unit. "Our Perimeter Email Protection service leverages our patented clustered hosting technology and email platform to provide a robust email security service that prevents unwanted email and attacks at the boundary of a customer's network."

    The new XO Perimeter Email Hosting Protection service is being offered to new customers and existing customers using XO and Concentric Hosting services, XO Dedicated Internet Access and bundled services from XO. PEP is very cost effective and can be enabled online by existing customers through their XO Web Hosting account management portal. With PEP, XO continues to add value to services offered to customers by including this level of service for free with their existing hosting and email accounts. If a customer's hosting and email account does not have enough resources, the customer can upgrade to a larger account and receive more user allocations as part of the account or pay an additional fee per each user over the standard account allocation.

    For more information about XO Perimeter Email Hosting Protection, go to http://www.xo.com/products/smallgrowing/internet/dia/webbasics.html

    This press release was posted August 15th, 2006. Its content are copyright and the responsibility of its issuer.



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