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    Web Hosting Company Category: Web Hosting Company Do's & Don'ts User Email: What are Web Hosting Company do's and don'ts and what should I look for in a web hosting company recommendation?

    Our Answer: Finding the best domestic web hosting company or international web hosting companies can be difficult unless you know what to look for in a top web hosting company. Here at, we spend our days evaluating web hosting companies and so we have assembled this web hosting company guide. Its purpose is to help you find the cheapest web hosting company that provides the best web hosting company match to your specific needs.

    Web Hosting Company Do: Buy from a Cheap Web Hosting Company. Use a web hosting company directory such as to refine your cost to lowest-priced providers. It should be pointed out to educated web hosting company evaluators that Web Hosting, in and of itself, is quickly becoming a web hosting company commodity. Hosting companies trying to justify more than $10 a month for entry-level web hosting are too costly. Your web hosting company may offer more advanced web hosting plans or Windows-based hosting for more than $10 a month, that's fine. Just be sure that your web hosting company offers at least an introductory hosting plan for under $10 a month.

    Web Hosting Company Don't: Don't cut your Web Hosting Company Review short. While looking a too many web hosting companies will cause you a headache, consider at least three web hosting companies in your web hosting company review. Alternatively, you can use our web hosting company review below; we short-listed those web hosting companies down to three from more than 25 when we started to generate our web hosting company list.

    Web Hosting Company Do: Do make sure your web hosting company has at least 10,000 customers. Most web hosting companies post a rough estimate of their current customer base on their home page. A web hosting company that has 10,000+ customers will have the financial strength to offer true 24/7 technical support. All of our web hosting companies below meet this threshold.

    Web Hosting Company Don't: Don't choose a web hosting company that doesn't offer a money back refund with their web hosting plan. A web hosting company should be the right one, not the wrong one. When you buy a hosting package from a web hosting company that takes away that choice from you, it's the wrong move. Most web hosting companies now offer a 30-day refund policy, but double-check to make sure!

    Web Hosting Company Do: Do check out any demo's offered by the web hosting company at their website. Many web hosting accounts now offer a control panel that let's you administer your account self-serve style. These control panels are almost always highlighted on the product page where you can "test-drive" a demo. Web Hosting Companies that don't offer control panel demo's might be hiding something; ask to see one.

    To help you start your web hosting company search, we have assembled some of the best web hosting companies that we know of. Each web hosting company offers low cost, cheap web hosting packages with strong customer support. Consider each web hosting company carefully to see whether it will suit your web hosting company search criteria.

    Top Web Hosting CompanyBest Web Hosting Company #1 HostMonster
    Cheap Web Hosting Company Disk Space: Unlimited GB
    Cheapest Web Hosting Company Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    2 Year Cheap Hosting Companies Cost: $4.95/month - Lowest Price
    1 Year Cheapest Hosting Company Pricing: $5.95/month
    Web Hosting Company Comments: HostMonster doesn't waste time for those needing a web hosting company. Their web hosting offer is one of the best we've seen from any reliable web hosting company. Why? As a web hosting company they offer a huge amount of storage and traffic with very minimal cost. Plus a great web hosting company full 30-day refund makes testing their hosting company plan a risk-free provider choice.

    Web Hosting Company RecommendationWeb Hosting Company Recommendation #2 BlueHost
    Top Web Hosting Company Plan Capacity: Unlimited GB
    Top Web Hosting Company Traffic Allowance: Unlimited GB
    2 Year Company Hosting Cost: $3.95/month
    Cheapest Hosting Companies Annual Offer Price: $5.95/month
    Web Hosting Company Guide Comments: BlueHost keeps other web hosting companies jealous. With lots of space and bandwidth, they offer slightly more powerful servers than HostMonster. So if you run a more advanced website, BlueHost is a serious contender for the best web hosting company available. BlueHost is also a low cost web hosting company offering a two-year pre-purchase hosting plan discount of $6.95/month.

    Web Hosting Company Ranking
    Web Hosting Company Ranking Winner

    Top Web Host Company Web Hosting Company Ranking #3: IX Web Hosting
    Web Hosting Company Disk Space:Unlimited GB
    Web Hosting Company User Limit: Unlimited GB
    Web Hosting Company 2-Year Pricing: $3.95/month
    Web Hosting Company 1-Year Pricing: $5.95/month
    Web Hosting Company Ranking Reasons: IX Web Hosting offers discount web hosting and is worth purchasing from due to the low cost hosting server options supplied in their reputable web hosting company solutions. For larger companies who need the maximium amount of webspace and bandwidth, IX Web Hosting is the best choice and our recommended web hosting company route.

    In conclusion, finding a web hosting company is an important step whether you are trying to get online for the first time or don't like your current web hosting company and want to change. All the above information is useful to those looking to transfer web hosting companies. We wish you well on your web hosting company search and finding the best web hosting company for your needs. As with any guide, our web hosting company recommendations are designed with the general hosting purchaser in mind. There will be some who find these web hosting companies not to be perfect, for that reason we always recommending check each web hosting company against your own hosted needs and then make your final decision.

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