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    How to Review the Cheapest Web Hosting Company and Determine Its Quality User Email from Sarah in Portland: Who is the Cheapest Web Hosting Company and when I am evaluating the cheapest web hosting companies in my review what should I be looking for?

    Our Answer:Finding the best cheapest web hosting companies requires you to have certain website hosting knowledge around what to look for. In addition, a list of the cheapest web hosting companies must also be carefully searched for what is good about a given cheap web hosting company and knowing what to look out for as a precautionary step. The first question you need to ask when considering the cheapest web hosting companies is what level of service and quality you desire. In general a good cheapest web hosting company will price their hosting products under $10 a month. However, you will find ultra cheap web hosting companies priced as low as $4.95 per month at web hosts like IX Web Hosting. In general, the cheapest web site hosting companies will still offer significant account web space and bandwidth. Furthermore, you will notice that really good cheap web hosting companies have large client bases that enable them not only to charge the cheapest prices for web hosting (due to their economies of scale) but also very large account allowances due to the high-capacity web servers that they deploy in their data centers. Don't hesitate to check our a web hosts testimonial page for customers who provide good feedback about a particular cheap web hosting company.

    Thus, when searching for the cheapest web hosting company such as HostMonster or BlueHost, you need to consider the price versus the value that the particular cheap web hosting company you are reviewing offers. A true search for the cheapest web hosting company will develop a comparison sense between web space offered and price charged. Keep in mind that some of the cheapest web hosting companies may offer a hosting plan at a few dollars per month. However, you need to be very careful because some of these cheap web hosting companies are bad cheap web hosting companies. By this we mean that they may look like the cheapest web hosting company on your review ranking however, their entry level plan is designed such that you quickly outgrow due to web page size and traffic limits this initial plan. Thus, you may end up needing to upgrade to a higher-cost plan within a short period of time. By choosing the cheapest hosting companies that have equally large hosting plan services you can avoid being tricked upfront. We've recommended a few of the cheapest web hosting companies below to help you in your search.

    #1 Cheapest Web Hosting Company Award Winner
    #1 Cheapest Web Hosting Company Award Winner

    When you are looking to find the cheapest web hosting companies your review criteria should also consider whether a web host offers 24/7 technical support. In some regards, web hosting products deliver what you pay for. It costs a great deal of money to offer around the clock support. However, if you are a small business looking for the cheapest web hosting account, having peace of mind at night that someone is watching over your hosted server is worth an extra couple of dollars per month. In general, the cheapest web hosting companies that can legitimately offer 24/7 tech support are priced between $5-$10 per month - depending upon how long of a hosting contract you sign up for. If you really want the cheapest web hosting company pricing, be prepared to sign up for a one year to two year hosting contract billed upfront.

    Cheapest Web Hosting Companies Ranking

    Cheapest Web Hosting CompanyBest Cheap Hosting Company #1 HostMonster
    Cheapest Web Hosting Company Disk Space: Unlimited GB
    Cheapest Web Hosting Company Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    2 Year Cheapest Hosting Companies Cost: $4.95/month - Lowest Price
    1 Year Cheapest Hosting Company Pricing: $5.95/month
    Web Hosting Company Comments: HostMonster delivers one of the cheapest web hosting accounts with high service levels, lots of plan features, and a strong reputation for overall hosting quality.

    Recommend the Cheapest Web Hosting CompanyTop Cheapest Web Hosting Company #2 midPhase
    Top Cheap Web Hosting Company Plan Capacity: Unlimited GB
    Entry-Level Web Hosting Plan Traffic Included: Unlimited GB
    2 Year Company Hosting Cost: $4.95/month
    Our ranking of their cheap web site hosting services: midPhase keeps on growing. The reason, as one of the cheapest web hosting companies, they continue to attract thousands of new customers a month to their low cost yet high quality hosting plans.

    Top Web Host Company Web Hosting Company Ranking #3: IX Web Hosting
    Web Hosting Company Disk Space:Unlimited GB
    Web Hosting Company User Limit: Unlimited GB
    Really Cheap Web Hosting Product Costs: $3.95/month
    Cheapest Web Hosting Company Ranking Review: IX Web Hosting offers discount web hosting and is worth including in your review of the cheapest hosting companies due to its unlimited hosting account features and extremely low priced web hosting costs.

    Thank you for your email on finding the best cheapest web hosting companies. We hope this guide has provided some examples of the cheapest hosting providers online and offered you some common sense tips on how to make the best hosting purchase. For further hosting companies worth reviewing, we encourage you to consider the budget web hosting providers listed on our Top 10 monthly web host ranking.

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