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    Web Hosting Affiliate = Web Hosting Makes Money

    By Staff Writer

    Web Hosting Affiliate Programs! Want to sell web hosting to make money? can help! Since 1998, we've been reviewing web hosting affiliate programs for our users. In this article, we bring you tips and tricks on how to sign-up for the right web hosting affiliate program and make hosting a source of income for you. How do I make money with a web hosting affiliate program? First step, sign-up for a free web hosting affiliate account - click here. This will let you "test-drive" what a web hosting affiliate program is all about and look at the back-end that runs an affiliate program. There is no cost to join. Then, once you've signed up for a free hosting affiliate program, check out the following tips to maximize your revenue.

    #1 What type of web hosting do you want to market? Are you becoming a web hosting affiliate to offer unix, windows, or dedicated server hosting? Web hosting affiliate programs are not generic. The type of hosting affiliate you want to become should be matched to an affiliate hosting web program that is most suited to your desired offering.

    #2 Payment - Ah, make money with web hosting. That's the reason isn't it? Be sure to sign-up for web hosting affiliate programs that are competitive. Today, that means starting at a payout level of $75+ per account. If you are a high-performing web host affiliate, typically this means more than 10 sign-ups per month, you can negotiate a better pay rate. Look around (and check out our top affiliate program recommendations below) for an affiliate program that maximizes your earnings!

    #3 How are sales tracked? As a web hosting affiliate program member, your primary duty will be to refer web traffic to a particular web host. Check out their cookie policy. Not all affiliate programs are created equal in this regard. Do they give you a cookie or track by IP? If they offer cookie tracking, how long does the cookie last. The longer the cookie for a web hosting affiliate program lasts the more money you will make with web hosting. Customers can take some time to sign-up, it's not instant, so look for hosting affiliate programs that have a long cookie duration.

    #4 Site Design - What does the web hosting company that you want to join look like in terms of their website? Web Hosting affiliate programs are highly competitive. When a user visits a web hosting provider that you referred them to, you want that end website to look good. Chances are that if the company has a poor looking website the web hosting affiliate program will not covert highly. This will mean you earn less money from your web hosting referrals. Look for the best website, design-wise, that you can join a web hosting affiliate program of.

    #5 Reselling vs. Affiliate Programs - Do you know the difference? In general, an affiliate program means that you simply refer traffic to a web hosting provider. They conduct the sign-up, pay you for the customer acquisition and then maintain the customer and collect future revenue. A reseller program offers discounted web hosting, where you acquire the customer, collect the revenue and then offer technical support. Web Hosting affiliate programs are a much quicker way to make money with web hosting! However, if you are interested in becoming a reseller, visit our Reseller Hosting Showcase.

    Here are some of our favorite web hosting affiliate programs that can make you money by selling web hosting to your website traffic!

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