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    How to Cheaply Find a Top Virtual Web Host

    Jackie in Erie, PA writes: Developer friends, I'm looking for the best virtual web host I can get given my need to ensure that this top recommendation is a cheap virtual web host. Any suggestions on how to get great virtual web host server space for my small business?

    Our virtual web host answer: [Quick Tip: Top virtual web host providers listed below.] If your organization needs a virtual web host, then you are using the right virtual web host review page. Our cheap virtual web host directory listings found below will help you find the best virtual web host quickly and at the lowest possible price. Finding an affordable virtual web host that matches up with your virtual web host search criteria is important. To help you find the best match between a top virtual web host and your particular web hosting service needs, we recommend several virtual web host tips. Before we begin, let us provide the definition of a virtual web host. A virtual web host provides virtual web hosting, which means that a particular virtual web host company buys a server and then places multiple customers on each server. Reliable virtual web hosts are able to place large numbers of domains on a single hosted server without compromising the quality of your virtual web host experience. You can find a best virtual web host for as low as $4.95 which is much cheaper and less costly than buying a dedicated server to host your website. Our first suggestion on how to find a cheap virtual web host is to avoid services that pitch add-ons. The key to finding the cheapest virtual web host is to get an all-inclusive virtual web host package at the start of your hosting experience. Having to switch from one virtual web host to another is a real pain. Sometimes if you don't find the best virtual web host upfront, your company might outgrow your existing virtual web host plan and then need to spend expensive monthly sums to upgrade it. We recommend virtual web host accounts with at least 100GB of web space and 1000GB of bandwidth. That should be enough to give you a top virtual web host experience.

    Our second premier virtual web host recommendation to finding the best virtual web host is to look for a virtual web host that has large numbers of virtual web host customers. Quantity of customers counts as much as pricing for virtual web host services. A cheap virtual web host like HostMonster hosts thousands of shared customers on their virtual web host platform. Massive numbers of virtual host clients mean that the company is popular. Trust your fellow virtual web host purchasers and go with a cheap virtual web host that is popular. Our third tip for finding the lowest cost yet top virtual web host is to host on a Linux server. For most virtual web host websites, the server can be either Windows or Linux. However, Linux virtual web host companies offer much lower cost services because they save on licensing fees. By purchasing an affordable virtual web host account that runs on Linux you will probably save several dollars per month. When you add those dollars up over an extended period of time when you will be using your best choice for a virtual web host, they add up to significant savings. Finally, cheap virtual web hosts will often provide free software and complimentary online control panels. Look for those in a top virtual web host. They will make your service experience much better. A no charge virtual web host benefit like free website design software provided by companies such as HostMonster and StartLogic can save you hundreds of dollars in web design fees. Most premier virtual web hosts offer this on a special promotion code and savings, which you will qualify for by visiting each of the virtual web host company listed below. These top ranked virtual web host providers offer the most affordable yet highest quality virtual hosting experience around. Using our virtual web host list will save you hours on your research and will lead to a better choice for the top virtual web host selection.

    Top Virtual Web Hosts

    Virtual Web Host Recommendation #1 - HostMonster
    Virtual Virtual Host Server Room: Unlimited GB
    Virtual Web Host Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    Cheap Virtual Web Host Cost: $4.95/month (On sale)
    Virtual Web Host Review Comments: Without a doubt, this package is the best US virtual web host package around. As the lowest cost virtual web host offering, it includes tons of virtual web host disk space and nearly unlimited bandwidth for use with both individual/personal and business/corporate websites. Free domain names with each virtual web host buy means you will save money each year in that virtual web host criteria department.

    Best Virtual Web Host for Business - unlimited space for just $3.95
    Best Virtual Web Host for Business - unlimited storage of space for just $4.95

    Recommended Best Virtual Web Host #2 - IX Web Hosting - Top Virtual Web Host Company for Low Cost Virtual Hosting Seekers
    Top Virtual Web Host Space: Unlimited
    Virtual Web Host Bandwidth: Unlimited
    Cheap Virtual Web Host Pricing: $3.95/month
    Virtual Web Host Directory Comments: The best business virtual web host by far. IX Web Hosting offers lots of space and traffic, 3 FREE domain names, free ecommerce blog options, and FREE search engine submission for new blogs. Also provides an ecommerce virtual web host service.

    Top Virtual Web Host Recommendation #3 - BlueHost
    Virtual Web Host Space: Unlimited GB
    Virtual Web Host Traffic: Unlimited GB
    Cheap Virtual Web Host Prices: $5.95/month
    Virtual Web Host Comparison Comments: A great virtual web host for people who will be sharing their virtual hosting responsibilities since BlueHost supports almost all software applications and they supply unlimited domain-based (e.g. email addresses for all blog participants to use. StartLogic also offers Windows-based virtual web host plans that run $9.95/month and up.

    Thank you for asking us about finding the best virtual web host provider for your existing domain or your new domain. If you have another virtual hosting related inquiry simply that virtual web host question and answer to and we will do our best to expand our virtual web hosting resource. Our cheap virtual web host rankings are prepared each month, so be sure to bookmark this page and visit next month to see if your virtual web host company has been ranked in our top 3 virtual web hosts list.

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