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  • VDS DefinitionWhat are VPS/VDS Meanings and DefinitionsVPS Definition

    A Guide to Understanding VDS and VPS

    Question from Dave in Toronto: What does VDS mean? What does VPS mean? What are the differences between VPS and VDS web hosting?

    Answer: VDS is an acronym for a virtual dedicated server. VPS is an acronym for virtual private server. VDS and VPS define a category of hosting product. At a functional level, VPS and VDS are in essence the same type of web hosting. VDS and VPS are synonyms. In general, both refer to a mid-tier of hosting plan, between shared hosting and a dedicated server. The key difference between VPS and VDS is in terms of geographic scope. With US-based hosting companies, VPS is more popular than VDS. However, in the UK and some European countries, the VDS term is more popular. In general, a VDS plan provides you root-control and a set allocation of server RAM, drive space, and bandwidth. This is often in excess of a shared hosting plan but falls short of a dedicated server. Pricing for VDS and VPS hosting plans accordingly tends to fall within the price point of shared (more expensive than) and dedicated hosting (less expensive than).When you compare VDS and VPS hosting providers, you will often find the American VPS hosting companies offer more features for less money. This often relates to their larger economics of scale with multiple servers that run VPS clients versus international hosting companies that often have smaller client bases. Since VPS and VDS hosting use control panels and software that enable their creation on a dedicated server, the more VPS or VDS customers than a given web host has the better than deals they are able to secure with the end-software enabler. As such, big VPS hosting companies like VPS.NET, StartLogic, and EasyCGI all tend to offer very inexpensive but highly reliable VPS (read: VDS) hosting packages.

    Thank you for reading this article and for your question about understanding how to compare VPS and VPS hosting services. Hopefully, we have helped you to understand the differences between VPS and VDS hosting - to the extent that they exist - as well as to help you research some reliable VDS and VPS hosting plans. Please feel free to browse our website navigation links on the left or bookmark us for a future visit.

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