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  • Vancouver Dedicated Hosting Review

    What are the best dedicated hosting companies in Vancouver?

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    Ben in West Vancouver, BC writes us: I am looking for Vancouver dedicated hosting services. Who offers the best Vancouver dedicated hosting?

    Our response: Finding the top Vancouver dedicated hosting is a complex question that must first start with an analysis of your price sensitivity. There are various ways to find cheap Vancouver dedicated hosting depending whether you need colocation within Vancouver city-limits or can look elsewhere. The first consideration in any Vancouver dedicated hosting review must be whether you want to purchase dedicated hosting from a Vancouver dedicated web host or simply a dedicated hosting provider that services Vancouver businesses from elsewhere. On balance, dedicated web hosts based elsewhere in Canada (and the United States) often have pricing much less expensive than local Vancouver hosts. However, that said, you may want to purchase locally or require colocation facility access to a Vancouver data center. Some of the best Vancouver dedicated hosting companies include and In addition, you may also want to compare Vancouver dedicated web hosts against those located in nearby Kelowna, BC which is becoming a hot bed for website hosting providers, particularly those offering green dedicated hosting services.

    However, one of the advantages of considering dedicated hosting delivered in Vancouver but based elsewhere is the fact that a dedicated server hosting company does not often provide physical access to their data center, so why pay a premium. When it comes to the delivery time of data from a Vancouver data centre versus one located elsewhere in North America, the transfer time differences are minimal. Vancouver dedicated web hosting can thus have its provider review broadened to consider hosts that supply Vancouverites without having a Vancouver office. Chances are once your server is up and running your day to day dealings with a Vancouver dedicated hosting provider will be almost identical to a dedicated hosting service based elsewhere. If you can save say a hundred dollars a month or more, which is common when you compare Vancouver dedicated hosting plans to those offered elsewhere, is a local Vancouver dedicated web host worth the premium? As we suggest, for some Vancouver businesses it may be, which is why we encourage you to consider the top Vancouver dedicated hosting companies we identified above. However, for many the extra costs may not be worth choosing a Vancouver, BC based dedicated hosting company. Thus, even if you have not yet thought about buying Vancouver dedicated server hosting elsewhere, this should not at least be a consideration in your Vancouver dedicated hosting review should you be concerned about lowering your web hosting expenses.

    Vancouver Dedicated Hosting

    Vancouver dedicated hosting companies will also charge provincial sales taxes on your web hosting costs. Thus, at 7.5%, you can get instant Vancouver dedicated web hosting savings by choosing to host with a dedicated server hosting company not based in Vancouver, BC. Think about hosts like HostGator. With Vancouver dedicated hosting plans costing several hundred dollars a month, the tax savings are almost the equivalent of a free month of dedicated hosting each year. The cost of tax savings when it comes to a web hosting purchase will help to deliver cheaper Vancouver dedicated hosting.

    Another element to your Vancouver dedicated hosting search should be a consideration of the technical support availability. Quite often, with the exception of large telco's like Telus, many Vancouver-based dedicated hosting companies are smaller in size and thus cannot support 24/7 technical support. If you need support for your dedicated server in the middle of the night, will your Vancouver dedicated hosting providers be there? Perhaps but you should check the support availability of any Vancouver dedicated web host before you purchase their dedicated or managed hosting service. In contrast, large dedicated hosts based elsewhere like HostGator offer complete around the clock technical support because they service many cities, have larger client bases, and thus can afford to the substantial costs of 24/7 technical support staff. Of course, any Vancouver dedicated hosting review must also compare apples to apples. Think about the hardware being provided by a Dedicated Hosting Company. Is it name-brand or clone? Outages and downtime, especially when not backed by a dedicated hosting uptime guarantee of 99.99% or more, can be costly for any Vancouver business trying to manage its online presence.

    Thanks again for your question about dedicated server hosting in Vancouver, BC. If you have further questions abouting finding a dedicated server, you can email us at

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