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    Guide to Finding the Best Toronto Managed Web Hosting for GTA Companies

    User eMail Question from David in Markham: Our IT department is looking for Toronto Managed Hosting. We've decided to outsource our Internet infrastructure and need a reliable Toronto Managed Web Host. Any ideas on where we can source the best Toronto managed web hosting? Response: Thanks for your question about finding the best Toronto managed hosting company for your IT department. The good news is that Toronto has many excellent managed web hosting providers located within the GTA. Of course, the first step in trying to locate a Toronto Managed Web Host is to ascertain what precisely your particular needs are. If you start a search for cheap Toronto managed hosting without input from your IT department things won't work out well. Right upfront you should be creating a criteria list of what you need to find in a service provider for your Toronto managed hosting server. Specifically, when trying to match up the Top Toronto Managed Hosting Company for your business think about whether you want a Toronto data center, a local hosting company with X years of experience, what type of web applications you expect your managed host to offer, etc. All of these factors should act as the sorting mechanism when you start to review your list of applicable Toronto Managed Web Hosting Providers.

    Sometimes the best Toronto managed hosting can also be obtained by looking outside the city. Frankly, the speed difference between hosts located inside and hosts located outside of Toronto will be minimal to nil. Toronto companies can often save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year by opting to choose a larger Managed web host service based elsewhere. Unfortunately, despite the size of the GTA, many dedicated and managed hosting companies remain relatively small in the world of managed hosting services. Accordingly, these Toronto Managed Web Hosts - while suitable for open-ended budgets - do not offer the economies of scale necessary to offer the lowest prices, which large bandwidth and server buyers can pass along to customers. A search for Toronto managed web hosting companies should include large US-based managed hosts including FastServers and SingleHop. Both hosts already deliver managed hosting to customers based in Toronto. In addition, by choosing to host outside of Ontario, you will be able to save on provincial sales taxes that apply to in-province purchases only. Being able to save 15% on your Toronto managed hosting needs alone makes the consideration worthwhile.

    Toronto Managed Web Hosting Service

    As for local Toronto managed hosting companies that deliver reliable managed hosting, think about Q9 and Bell as larger companies. In fact, BCE now also owns part of Q9 in partnership with ABRY. In addition, local smaller Toronto managed hosting boutiques include Fusepoint and Tenzing. As for experience, be sure to choose amongst Toronto managed hosting providers that have at least 3-4 years in business. In our experience with Toronto managed hosting reviews it can often take several years of operations before a cataclysmic hosting failure can occur, e.g. a data center failure, firewall breach, etc. Once a Toronto managed web host has been through that cycle and sustained operations chances are that the staff who will support your Toronto managed web server on the back-end have solid capabilities.

    Lastly, a Toronto managed hosting comparison should always think about your upgrade path. Chances are if you are opting for a Toronto managed hosting solution instead or versus a dedicated server, you already have advanced needs and a large volume of web traffic. You want to make sure that any Toronto hosting service that provides managed hosting also provides the software and upgrade path you need as your web traffic needs grow. In other words, when you select your final provider for Toronto managed hosting do not choose a plan that represents their top-of-the-line offering. Unless you plan not to grow your Toronto managed hosting needs, you will have no migration path to higher-end products. Thus, find a good and reliable Toronto managed hosting option that still lets you grow into a larger web server or add more advanced features like firewalls, VPNs, software apps, etc.

    Thanks again for your question about finding a Toronto managed hosting company. We hope that our guide has been helpful. Feel free to visit our Dedicated Hosting & Managed Web Hosts Showcase to see other Internet service companies that offering managed hosting products to Toronto-based companies.

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