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  • Our ThinkHost Affiliate Program Review

    Should I Join the ThinkHost Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

    Hosting affiliate program - $100 commissions! ThinkHost Affiliate Program Review The ThinkHost affiliate program is an online affiliate program where webmasters, blog owners, and domain owners can earn $100 per web hosting sale by joining the ThinkHost web hosting affiliate program and referring people to buy their hosting from ThinkHost.

    The ThinkHost affiliate program is free, does fairly well from a conversion basis and should be joined by webmasters. You can learn more information on their no-cost affiliate program by clicking here. Alongside the $100 base pay-level you will also earn money if you refer people to the ThinkHost 2nd-tier affiliate program. With 2nd tier web hosting commissions of up to $65, this is one of the highest paying 2nd tier web hosting affiliate programs offered by any Internet services provider. The ThinkHost 1st-tier and 2nd-tier affiliate program are all accessed from the same control panel, which lets you monitor commission in real time. You can view that control panel by clicking here. In addition, what makes the ThinkHost web hosting affiliate program a great program to join is that your cookies last ten years - meaning no matter when you referred visitor is ready to purchase web hosting you will receive your $100 commission. In addition, the ThinkHost affiliate program manager is very helpful and always willing to assist new and existing affiliates with creative or help in improving their sales performance through the ThinkHost affiliate program. Few web hosting affiliate program reviews reveal such a well-structured and well-managed hosting affiliate program as the ThinkHost hosting affiliate program. Without doubt, we recommend that all webmasters and blog owners sign up for a free ThinkHost affiliate program membership by visiting this affiliate link, Affiliates Information.

    Make $100 - web hosting affiliate program

    What is good and what is bad about the ThinkHost hosting affiliate programme? The commission rate of $100 per CPA is excellent - particularly since you, as the webmaster, are paid at this level through the ThinkHost affiliate program whether you deliver one sale or one hundred sales per month. Of course, high volume affiliates may be able to directly negotiate an even higher rate but that is something you would need to work out with directly. The ThinkHost affiliate program also gets a good review because it is free to join and there is no risk or obligation on your part. When you sign-up for free with the ThinkHost affiliate program, you stand to benefit from rich payouts but never have any risk in so doing. In addition, ThinkHost is not exclusive which means you can promote this web hosting company alongside other web hosting affiliate programs. There are two negatives to being a ThinkHost webmaster affiliate member that our ThinkHost affiliate program review reveals. First, the ThinkHost web hosting plan is expensive at $9.95 per month relative to other hosting companies like HostMonster, BlueHost, IX Web Hosting or HostGator - all of which are less expensive hosting packages which in turns tends to deliver higher affiliate link conversion rates. Second, ThinkHost delivers their affiliate program payouts using PayPal. Some high-volume affiliate require check payments for billing and accounting purposes and then ThinkHost requires you to have a $1000 balance before they issue a check. Since most web hosting affiliate programs issue checks for as low as $100 in commissions, this can be a reason not to join the affiliate program unless you are OK with receiving your referral fees by PayPal.

    We've often been asked how webmasters can achieve better conversion rates when selling the ThinkHost web hosting product and how they can increase the amount of affiliate commissions that they earn by being a free member of the affiliate program. The best affiliate feedback that we have received from other ThinkHost affiliate program testimonials is that you should pitch their web hosting as being earth-friendly. The solar and wind angle is a unique selling proposition of the ThinkHost affiliate program - no other online affiliate program for web hosting offers as much commission for earth-friendly web hosting, and webmaster report higher conversion rates with the ThinkHost web hosting affiliate program by marketing the product as such. Thus, if you are already a ThinkHost affiliate you can still benefit from reading this web hosting affiliate program review since you now know how to increase your monthly earnings and cash payouts with the affiliate programme. Click here for more tips and tricks (plus exciting creative) to use to promote ThinkHost.

    To learn more about the ThinkHost affiliate program, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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