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    The Keys to Top Quality Streaming Media Web Hosting

    James in Seattle writes us, "I'm in the market trying to compare streaming media web hosting providers, any tips on how to find the best streaming media host for my needs?"

    Our Answer: Thanks for your question on streaming media hosting. We are going to answer your question in two parts. The first will be our top streaming media hosting recommendations, so that you can conduct your streaming media hosting review quickly. Following those cheap streaming media hosting suggestions, we will go into some general advice about reputable streaming media web hosting and how we went about choosing our best streaming media web host.

    Our 3 Top Streaming Media Hosting Providers

    #1 Streaming Media Host Service - HostMonster | Most Popular Streaming Host Choice
    Streaming Media Web Hosting Disk Space: Unlimited GB
    Streaming Media Web Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    Lowest Priced Streaming Media Web Hosting Offer: $4.95/month
    HostMonster is a good streaming media hosting provider because they offer such cheap streaming media hosting packages. The second reason why we consider them to be a top streaming media hosting company is their large bandwidth allowance. Successful streaming media hosting requires stable but large plan capacity to avoid possible surcharges and discount service-provider HostMonster delivers some of the most big streaming media web host plans online.

    2nd Best Streaming Media Hosting Vendor - BlueHost | Premium Technical Support Winner
    Cheap Streaming Media Hosting Space: Unlimited MB
    Cheap Streaming Media Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited MB
    2 Year Cheapest Flash Video Web Hosting Price: $4.95/month
    1 Year Discount Streaming Media Web Host Monthly Fee: $6.95/month
    While BlueHost does not offer free Flash video hosting, they do offer a Cheap Streaming Media Hosting package along with a free domain name with every low cost account purchase. Plus, they serve up hosting for streaming media files on powerful Linux servers designed for reliability, speed, and high uptime on their streaming servers (99.9%).

    Streaming Media Hosting for $6.95/mo.
    Streaming Media Hosting for $6.95/mo.

    Streaming Media Web Hosting Recommendation #3 - HostGator - Cheap Streaming Media Hosting Solution
    Streaming Media Hosting Space: 50 GB
    Streaming Media Hosting Bandwidth: 200GB
    1 Year Cheap Streaming Media Hosting Cost: $6.95/month
    Top Streaming Media Hosting - HostGator is a rapidly growing high-quality streaming media web host for websites that need to stream media content to large audiences. They also offer reseller opportunities to resell streaming media hosting and deliver the spec feature to host very large streaming media files on their machines.

    Streaming Media Web Hosting "How-To" Guide

    First, in order to find the optimal and reliable streaming media hosting for your personal, small business, or corporate websites, you need to know what to compare streaming media web hosting providers on. What are the best factors necessary for a trusted review on a streaming media web host supplier. A streaming media hosting directory such as our own considers three points really essential to finding the best streaming media hosting. These general trends are hallmarks of high-quality streaming media website hosting, and generally apply no matter what type of content you are looking to place online through a streaming server. First, streaming media hosting requires large plan features; e.g. disk space and bandwidth. Of course, it goes without saying that a streaming web host must be capable of delivering streaming media files in the first place. So even when you see large bandwidth and webspace offered, make sure there is also a feature box indicating support for streamed files. Second, finding a cheap streaming media hosting provider is critical. Too many streaming media web hosting companies overcharge for their services. There is no need to overpay a web host - the extra costs will rarely justify promised improvements in either server quality or technical support availability. Third, a top ranked streaming media hosting service will usually offer a 30-day money back guarantee. There is no harm in being able to get a free trial of streaming media hosting by indirect route of a money back guarantee! Finally, be sure that the type of content you want to stream is acceptable. This should generally be no issue, but beware that most reputable streaming media web hosts will not host illegal content (an obvious) and few will provide media streaming services for adult content.

    Of course as with any hosting purchase decision, a streaming media hosting review should be conducted in advance of your purchase time-frame. Using our report will likely save you considerable time off of your media hosting search process, but remember it may take a few days to get your hosting account set-up and your streaming media files configured right. Try not to find a streaming media hosting company the night before you intend to stream media files. Now all of the above three recommended streaming media web hosting companies have instant set-up, but you will still need to spend some time uploading your media files to a server. If you are looking for a dedicated server for streaming media hosting, you should give yourself more time since a dedicated server will need provisioning time.

    If you follow the tips and tricks we have identified in our streaming media web hosting guide, we think that your streaming hosting experience will be much improved. Of course, we are constantly trying to make our streaming media hosting review better, so if you have commentary, advice, or a suggestion please be sure to email us at Thank you for using our streaming media hosting report, please come again.

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