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  • Streaming Hosting Question with a Streaming Hosting Answer

    Streaming Hosting: Category Question User Email: What is Streaming Hosting and where can I buy cheap Streaming Hosting?

    Our Answer: Streaming hosting is a type of web hosting that enables you to stream audio and video files from a streaming hosting server which is hosted through a streaming web host provider. Streaming hosting is relatively new in terms of hosting account features and at the moment, only about half the web hosts out there offer this type of service. Point-blank: streaming hosting is a server hog and many web hosts simply aren't good enough (technically and hardware speaking) to be capable of offering a streaming hosting plan - let alone a low cost, cheap streaming hosting package that is competitive with today's going rates for streaming hosting. First off, streaming hosting is a hosting format that you must buy should you wish to enable users to listen or watch audio or video files from your website or streaming service. Streaming hosting is useful (and necessary for live audio/videos) whether you are a full-sized radio station or just a new entrepreneur looking to launch a Web 2.0 venture. Streaming hosting works by enabling you to upload files to a web server, which runs streaming hosting software "behind the scenes"), and then connect those files to users who wish to listen or view them in real-time. You'll find a bunch of streaming web hosts out there that purport to offer stream hosting plans for $30+ a month. Don't be fooled. The average streaming hosting buyer doesn't get anything extra for those dollars. The whole point of streaming hosting is to enable your live content to reach users for the lowest possible cost. From a technical standpoint, nearly all streaming hosting servers run the same O/S, server specs, and so on. In essence, an expensive streaming hosting plan doesn't become a good streaming hosting plan. It just stays an expensive streaming hosting account. Rather - focus your streaming hosting account search on low cost streaming file hosts. You will not only save money, but based on our users experiences, you will find equally satisfactory file delivery for much less. Our streaming hosting guide focuses our reviews on three streaming hosting providers that we found in our directory. In our opinion, they represent the best, top, and cheapest streaming hosting available on the Internet.

    Streaming Hosting Plans with the Cheapest and Lowest Priced Offer Anywhere
    Sponsored Link: Streaming Hosting Plans with the Cheapest and Lowest Priced Offer Anywhere

    Based upon user-submitted streaming hosting reviews and feedback, and ranking the web hosts in our directory, we have 3 streaming hosting plans that we suggest for your purchase consideration:

    Best Streaming Web Host Provider #1 - HostMonster
    Comments: Best Streaming Hosting Space: Unlimited GB
    Best Streaming Hosting Bandwidth: Unlimited GB
    2 Year Hosting Cost: $4.95/month
    1 Year Hosting Cost: $6.95/month
    Comments: HostMonster doesn't waste time for streaming hosting purchasers. Their streaming hosting offer is one of the best we've seen from streaming hosting providesr. Why? The biggest reason, is the cheap price that they have been able to deliver. Getting unlimited monthly bandwidth is massive (there will likely be a CPU limit, or # of processes running at one time). They are likely betting that most users won't need anywhere near that amount of traffic for their streaming hosting solution, but it's there if you need it.

    Best Streaming Web Host #2 - BlueHost
    Best Streaming Hosting Server Plan Capacity: Unlimited GB
    Top Streaming Hosting Bandwidth Account Allownace: Unlimited GB
    2 Year Hosting Cost: $4.95/month
    1 Year Hosting Cost: $6.95/month
    Streaming Hosting Review: BlueHost keeps Streaming hosting webmasters happy. With lots of space and bandwidth, they offer slightly more powerful servers than HostMonster. So if you run a more advanced audio or video web site, BlueHost is a serious contender for the best Internet streaming hosting available.

    Cheap Streaming Web Host Provider #3- IX Web Hosting
    Best Streaming Hosting Service File Space:Unlimited Streaming Hosting Space
    Best Streaming Hosting Solution Traffic: Unlimited Streaming Bandwidth
    2 Year Hosting Cost: $3.95/month
    1 Year Hosting Cost: $4.95/month
    Streaming Hosting Ranking Reasons: IX Web Hosting IX Web Hosting offers streaming hosting, actually to be more accurate the best streaming hosting. Worth considering though simply due to the low cost hosting streamed server options supplied in their streaming hosting solutions.

    Cheap Streaming Hosting from $5.95/month! - Click Here!
    Cheap Streaming Hosting from $5.95/month!

    At the end of the day, streaming hosting should be something you can find for the same price as a regular hosting account. The biggest concern most webmasters and technical staff raise when they are recommended a cheap streaming hosting plan is, "can this streaming hosting really be as affordable as it is?" In short, yes. Streaming hosting is highly automated. The biggest financial cost to streaming solution businesses is the cost of the file traffic (a.ka. bandwidth). But this cost has dropped very sharply in the past few years, as various streaming hosting applications have enabled telco's to better leverage existing infrastructure. Our suggestion, you can always go with a streaming hosting dedicated server, but why not try cheap streaming hosting until you are ready? That should answer your streaming hosting question Marco, if there is anything else related to streaming hosting that we can offer - pls. drop us a reply.

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