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    Cheap ASP.NET Streaming Video Web Hosting Reviews

    Bob in Chicago writes us: Where can I stream video on ASP.Net web hosting servers?

    Our ASP.NET Streaming Hosting Answer:Brad - so you are looking to stream video on an ASP.NET Windows-equipped server. No problem. We have three recommendations for you that all offer video streaming in ASP.NET. Keep in mind how much web space and bandwidth you need, it will impact the ASP.NET Windows hosting plan with streaming video features that you should buy. All three of these ASP.NET hosting offers are good, cheap, and reliable according to 8 previous buyers that provided feedback for this answer and affirmed this stream video in ASP.NET recommendation review.

    Top Video Streaming ASP.NET Web Host Provider #1 - HostExcellence
    ASP.NET 2.0/1.1 & .NET Framework 2.0/1.1 Web Space:Unlimited GB
    Windows 2003 Server Traffic ASP.NET Allowance: Unlimited GB
    2 Year Hosting Cost: $8.95/month
    1 Year Hosting Cost: $9.95/month

    Discount Video Streaming ASP.NET Web Host Provider #2 - StartLogic
    ASP.NET Video Stream Hosting Space: 100 GB
    ASP.NET 2.0 Video Stream Web Hosting Bandwith: 1,000 GB
    2 Year Windows 2003 Hosting Plan Cost: $8.95/month
    Annual Windows ASP.NET Video Streaming Pricing: $9.95/month

    Cheap Video Streaming ASP.NET Web Host Provider #3 - IX Web Hosting
    Stream Video in ASP.NET Space:Unlimited GB
    Stream Video in ASP.NET Bandwith: Unlimited GB
    2 Year Hosting Cost: $8.95/month
    1 Year Hosting Cost: $9.95/month

    You can find more web hosts that offer general ASP.NET Hosting plans, in our ASP.NET 2.0 Hosting Guide Showcase. With the recent 2009 website hosting plan expansion offered by HostExcellence, they now represent one of the largest ASP.NET 2.0 video streaming packages available, so those needing video streaming should be aware of them as a strong contender for your business. In fact, we recently added this company to our Top 10 list as a result of their new competitive stance towards ASP.NET Windows 2003 web hosting.

    If you are looking to host a video streaming website using ASP.NET on a dedicated server, visit our Dedicated Server showcase and our Windows Hosting Report


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