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  • StartLogic Webmail Review

    StartLogic Webmail Logins - Are you Ready?

    Matt Z. from Phoenix, Arizona writes in about StartLogic's webmail services: I am interested in StartLogic Webmail. What do you guys think about it and what are the core features of the StartLogic E-mail offerings?

    Unlimited StartLogic Webmail from $5.95/month
    Unlimited StartLogic Webmail from $5.95/month

    Our Answer:

    StartLogic Webmail is a useful way to get webmail access for yourself or businesses employees for a very low price. For that reason, we approve of considering StartLogic's webmail service for email addresses and corporate communications. StartLogic webmail comes as a part of their regular standard web hosting services. This is a solid reason to pursue StartLogic email hosting options. While a great number of webmail solution vendors do not include a large number of webmail accounts, StartLogic is quite unique in that they permitted unlimited email addresses (and therein unlimited webmail email accounts) with their entry-level hosting - which starts at $5.95 a month. We here at think that StartLogic Webmail hosting is thus one of the cheapest and best ways to achieve low cost webmail services anywhere. Unlimited webmail hosting is a unique virtual feature that to active email customers is worth much more than the low monthly prices that StartLogic charges. While we suspect StartLogic does not intend all their webmail customers to use the full service limits open to their max. extent, it is available for those StartLogic webmail clients who want to. So Matt, yes, overall we think that StartLogic Mail hosting solutions are a cheap and top way to get webmail access and email inbox hosting.

    The other underlying point we should make concerning your StartLogic webmail inquiry is to describe the underlying operating system that runs it. StartLogic uses vDeck - a control panel - current version 2.0 - produced by a company in Los Angeles, that facilities an easy web-based interface to use all your webmail capabilities. These also include an easy login and administration system to manage your StartLogic webmail accounts. StartLogic vDeck webmail is very stable and we have not heard many complaints concern its uptime levels - which are also covered by their standard 99.9% uptime policy. Incidently, their 99.9% uptime guarantee is great for webmail logins, since your login page should almost always be available no matter whether you are trying to read your email domestically or internationally. Lastly, our budget StartLogic webmail review found that the vDeck email system allows for cheap SSL Secure Server email accounts within their entry-level hosting plan. This is a plus for webmail buyers need cheap webmail access since they are able to use the StartLogic webmail system for secure communications. Few web hosts offer unlimited webmail with SSL so for those needing that unique product offering, StartLogic brings some unique features to the table.

    Are you an existing StartLogic customer looking for information on your StartLogic Webmail Login page? Existing StartLogic customers can access their webmail accounts by going to with your domain name inserted in the "" area. StartLogic provides a good guide for existing clients who want to manage their webmail and help with logging into their vDeck webmail system so we suggest you consult the company's tutorial instead.

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