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  • - Review StartLogic vs. WebHostingPad

    Compare and review the web hosting plans of StartLogic and WebHostingPad

    Thinking about StartLogic vs. WebHostingPad? Want to know what the differences between StartLogic versus WebHostingPad are? Welcome to our StartLogic WebHostingPad comparison tool. This free resource will help you compare StartLogic to WebHostingPad and once your comparison between StartLogic and WebHostingPad is done, you will be able to make a quicker and better web hosting decision. We've been helping web hosting buyers review low cost web hosts since 1998 with our montly Top 10 web hosts. When we compare StartLogic and WebHostingPad , our host vs. host compare efforts reveal similar website hosting packages from an account comparison and features standpoint. However, there are some key things that differ between StartLogic and WebHostingPad; we outline those comparison differences below using our website hosting account comparison chart. First, take a quick evluation look at the web hosting plan differences and similarities between StartLogic vs. WebHostingPad plans.

    StartLogic versus WebHostingPad

    Feature StartLogic WebHostingPad
    Price - 2-Year Term $5.95/month $3.96/month
    Price - 1-Year Term $6.95/month $5.95/month
    Web Space Unlimited Unlimited
    Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
    Email Addresses Unlimited POP3 Accounts Unlimited
    # of Domain Names Supported: No Limit Unlimited
    MySQL Databases Supported (e.g. blogs) Yes Yes

    Compare StartLogic Ranking
    StartLogic is Better than WebHostingPad - Cheaper Prices! Only $4.95/mo.

    Having conducted a StartLogic vs. WebHostingPad review, StartLogic provides less value than WebHostingPad and if you are trying to decide between StartLogic and WebHostingPad you can save significant money by choosing WebHostingPad. This free article with the special coupons for WebHostingPad but not StartLogic will have not only saved you money but reduced your risk by reducing your upfront expense when you choose WebHostingPad over StartLogic. No matter what contract term you choose, you get cheaper hosting with WebHostingPad than you would by choosing StartLogic instead. As a result, we think that WebHostingPad is a better web host than StartLogic. Price matters when it comes to your web hosting plan - especially when there is not enough added features to justify a higher monthly expense.

    In terms of account features, both WebHostingPad and StartLogic offer unlimited hosting. Thus, on a feature by feature basis, there is no meaningful difference when you review StartLogic versus WebHostingPad. Both web hosts typically receive good customer feedback, however, neither web host is appropriate for high traffic websites. CPU intensive websites will not find unlimited web hosts SLA's to be suitable and such websites should not consider WebHostingPad vs. StartLogic but rather consider a dedicated server.

    From time to time, runs special pricing - be sure to check here during weekends (that tends to be when they offer the lowest prices click here. In contrast, StartLogic vs. WebHostingPad does not run specials very often so again, your chances of getting lower cost hosting through WebHostingPad compared to StartLogic are better.

    One major difference between the web hosting plans offered by StartLogic and WebHostingPad is that StartLogic includes better online marketing promo coupons. If you want to market your website through search engines, then the additional costs of choosing a StartLogic hosting plan are likely to be compensated for with their higher marketing credits. Another difference between these hosts are their locations. is based in Arizona while is based in Illinois.

    When doing a review between StartLogic and WebHostingPad, you can also consider the feedback of other hosting buyers or contribute your own through our Voting Booth. Feel free to visit our Top 10 listing to learn more. Both WebHostingPad and StartLogic often rank in the major web hosting directories.

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