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  • Content: Compare StartLogic versus Hostway: A Feature vs. Feature Comparison of the Differences

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    Question from Tyler in Rochester, NY about Hostway vs. StartLogic hosting: I am current doing a comparison of StartLogic vs. Hostway and planning to buy one of their hosting plans. Who is better - StartLogic vs. Hostway, and would you recommend StartLogic or Hostway for my new website? Please help me with my StartLogic Hostway review.

    Our answer: So you want to know what the differences between StartLogic versus Hostway are? Welcome to our StartLogic Hostway comparison guide. This free report will help you compare StartLogic to Hostway and once your comparison between StartLogic and Hostway is done, you will be able to make a quicker and better web hosting decision. We've been helping web hosting buyers review low cost web hosts since 1998 with our montly Top 10 web hosts. When we compare StartLogic and Hostway, our host vs. host compare work reveals significantly different hosting products and suitability for small businesses. Factors such as pricing and market segment focus are among the largest differences between StartLogic and Hostway. To start our review, please take a quick look at the key entry-level web hosting plan differences and similarities between the StartLogic vs. Hostway plans.

    StartLogic versus Hostway

    Feature StartLogic Hostway
    Cost per month: $5.95/month $13.95/month
    Free Domain Yes No
    Web Space Unlimited 100 GB
    Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
    Email Addresses Unlimited POP3 Accounts 500
    # of Domain Names Supported: Unlimited Domains One
    International Customer Support Yes Yes

    Having conducted a StartLogic vs. Hostway review, StartLogic provides the better choice between StartLogic and Hostway for the #1 reason that you get much more in the way of features for far less money! To get the same level of account features with Hostway as with StartLogic, you would need to spend about $50 a month with Hostway. Clearly, StartLogic versus Hostway is the much less expensive choice. These two web hosts often market in different areas, Hostway tends to do print whereas StartLogic markets online. As such, quite often buyers with Hostway do not know that there is a cheap hosting option than Hostway because they do not have access to the same hosting research information. Hopefully, with the truth we are showing in this review, new customers will realize that there is a Hostway StartLogic option and that in our opinion both Hostway vs. StartLogic are equal in hosting quality. StartLogic vs. Hostway are based in different cities if you are seeking to purchase locally (although for hosting that should make little difference). Hostway is based in Chicago whereas StartLogic is based in Phoenix. Another difference in regards to StartLogic vs. Hostway is for new webmasters or those establishing a first time website. If you need a domain name, i.e. you are not transfering your website to StartLogic or you are not transfering your website to Hostway, with StartLogic you will get a free domain name with any web hosting purchase. This difference between Hostway vs. StartLogic can save you up to $35 a year depending upon where you would otherwise purchase your domain name used for hosting your website. Of course, a good StartLogic Hostway review will also share the information that both web hosts accept International customers (i.e. from inside and outside the US) with full international domain support - however the free domain name offer only applies to .com addresses.

    What explains the big differences between the Hostway and StartLogic plans? Well, in our opinion, Hostway designed itself to be a business hosting company and emerged in size well before StartLogic. However, there was a round of effectively 2.0 hosting companies that with automation were able to lower their costs much more than the old hosts and sell hosting products almost below the cost of their competitors. was one of these new popular hosts. Their hosting product is, in our opinion, as strong from a technical support and server reliability standpoint (plus it gets lots of good user feedback) as the Hostway plan. Of course, both Hostway and StartLogic have received good feedback over the years, but with the pricing difference between StartLogic vs. Hostway there is no reason to pay more than double the cost of Hostway's plan for less features than offered by StartLogic. Today, we believe that StartLogic is a better web host than Hostway and is adding new customers at a faster rate.

    When you compare Hostway to StartLogic on the high-end hosting side (i.e. dedicated servers and managed hosting), Hostway is more developed in this hosting category. While StartLogic does offer dedicated servers - and you can find more good quality dedicated hosts in our Dedicated Server Showcase - Hostway has focused more of its attention to developing managed hosting products than StartLogic. Thus, for large business hosting that requires a data center or colocation services, you will probably find Hostway vs. StartLogic to offer what you need.

    Thanks for your question on asking us to do a StartLogic versus Hostway comparison. Hopefully this information has been helpful to you in saving money on purchasing your web hosting. If you have any comments from your own Hostway StartLogic review do not hesitate to send them to us at


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