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  • Compare StartLogic versus EasyCGI

    A Feature vs. Feature Comparison of the Differences

    Comparing a website hosting package from StartLogic vs. EasyCGI? This article will help you quickly find the difference with StartLogic versus EasyCGI. Welcome to our StartLogic Easy CGI comparison tool. Our comparison resource includes automatic coupon links designed to help you get the best prices and compare StartLogic and EasyCGI services. Our free resource will help you compare StartLogic to Easy CGI through both quantitative and qualitative criteria. Once your comparison between StartLogic and EasyCGI is complete, you will be able to make a faster and more efficient web hosting purchase. has been helping web hosting buyers review affordable web hosts since 1998 with our montly Top 10 web hosts. When we compare StartLogic and Easy CGI, our host vs. host compare research delivers some important account feature differences and pricing comparisons. The below account comparison chart was constructed to summarize our key findings that differ between StartLogic and EasyCGI. Here our the web hosting account differences and similarities between StartLogic vs. IX Web Hosting plans.

    EasyCGI - Buy Monthly Windows 2008 Web Hosting for $9.95/month!
    Easy Website Transfers and Free Website Builders with EasyCGI

    StartLogic versus EasyCGI Hosting Plans

    Feature StartLogic EasyCGI
    Price - 1-Year Term $9.95/month $7.96/month
    No Contract Monthly Pricing Not Available $9.95/month
    Web Space 100GB 350GB
    Traffic 1,000GB 3,500GB
    Email Addresses Unlimited POP3 Accounts 500 POP3 Addresses
    ASP.NET 2.0 with AJAX 1.0 ASP - Yes; Ajax - No Yes to both

    Data Sources: vs.

    Compare StartLogic Ranking
    Is StartLogic is Better than EasyCGI? You judge.

    Having conducted a StartLogic vs. EasyCGI review, EasyCGI provides the most popular and better recommendation between StartLogic and EasyCGI. For those who need unlimited POP3 email hosting on Windows 2003 servers, then StartLogic represents the best choice for email hosting - i) they offer unlimited POP3 addresses and ii) they offer easy webmail hosting. But if your email address account needs are below 500 POP3 address + unlimited email aliases then EasyCGI is the better comparison choice for three reasons. First, EasyCGI has been upgrade plans to more complex Windows 2003 hosting product needs - such as MS SQL hosting and VPS virtual private server hosting. Two, when comparing the beginner web hosting plans at StartLogic vs. EasyCGI the EasyCGI hosting account has much more in the way of web space and bandwidth, plus is much less expensive on a monthly basis. Better yet, a key difference in our opinion between StartLogic and EasyCGI is the fact that you can buy the EasyCGI web hosting package on a monthly basis, no prepayment, whereas with StartLogic you must prepay at least a quarter in advance. Overall, EasyCGI compared to StartLogic is an easy choice in favor of EasyCGI. For more information on EasyCGI (including special pricing for readers) click here.

    One follow-up question we had was whether or does StartLogic offer Windows 2008 hosting? The answer is no. At the moment, StartLogic does not offer Windows 2008 in their Windows hosting plan, only Windows 2003. If you want to host your website on a Windows 2008 web server, then choose EasyCGI since EasyCGI is better than StartLogic in running the newest technologies. Most of StartLogic's clients use Linux servers, so Windows is a less critical platform for them, in our opinion.

    This concludes our StartLogic EasyCGI review. If you still need more suggestions on which web hosts might be right for your individual or business website hosted web server, we recommend you visit our monthly Top 10 web host ranking and our General Hosting Showcase. Some visitors will also find our Search Engine to be useful, it's found here. For StartLogic + similar web hosts, you can also visit our Windows Website Hosting Showcase.

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