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  • Compare StartLogic versus BlueHost

    A Feature vs. Feature Comparison of the Differences

    Thinking about StartLogic vs. BlueHost? Want to know what the differences between StartLogic versus BlueHost are? Welcome to our StartLogic BlueHost comparison tool. This free resource will help you compare StartLogic to BlueHost and once your comparison between StartLogic and BlueHost is done, you will be able to make a quicker and better web hosting decision. We've been helping web hosting buyers review low cost web hosts since 1998 with our montly Top 10 web hosts. When we compare StartLogic and BlueHost , our host vs. host compare efforts reveal similar website hosting packages from an account comparison and features standpoint. However, there are some key things that differ between StartLogic and BlueHost; we outline those comparison differences below using our website hosting account comparison chart. First, take a quick evluation look at the web hosting plan differences and similarities between StartLogic vs. BlueHost plans.

    BlueHost - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.
    BlueHost - Transfer your Domain Name or Web Site Today! $6.95/month.

    StartLogic versus BlueHost

    Feature StartLogic BlueHost
    Price - 2-Year Term $3.95/month $6.95/month
    Price - 1-Year Term $4.95/month $7.95/month
    Web Space Unlimited Unlimited
    Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
    Email Addresses Unlimited POP3 Accounts 2,500
    # of Domain Names Supported: No Limit Host Unlimited Domains
    MySQL Databases Supported (e.g. blogs) Yes Yes

    Compare StartLogic Ranking
    StartLogic is Better than BlueHost - Cheaper Prices! Only $4.95/mo.

    Having conducted a StartLogic vs. BlueHost review, StartLogic provides the better choice between StartLogic and BlueHost for the #1 reason that you can buy their web hosting at a much lower monthly cost. While a few dollars per month for StartLogic vs. BlueHost doesn't sound like much, when you pay for a one or two year period upfront; the difference becomes significant. This free article with the special coupons for StartLogic but not BlueHost will have not only saved you money but reduced your risk by reducing your upfront expense when you choose StartLogic over BlueHost. The second comparison difference between StartLogic and BlueHost is that StartLogic provides unlimited email addresses with their web hosting plan while BlueHost doesn't. The third major StartLogic versus BlueHost difference is that you can buy a monthly hosting account with StartLogic ($9.95/mo.) whereas you must buy at least a one year term with BlueHost. This makes StartLogic better for individuals and businesses who do not want to pay much for their web hosting package upfront. Lastly, when you compare StartLogic to BlueHost you will learn about their other products. Unlike BlueHost, StartLogic offers a broad product line of web hosting products. BlueHost vs. StartLogic above is simply based on Linux web hosting. However, if you ever outgrow your shared account or want Windows hosting, StartLogic offers Windows hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Hosting, and search engine marketing - none of which is offered by BlueHost. So if you are reviewing BlueHost vs. StartLogic, we strongly recommend you consider purchasing your web hosting plan from StartLogic since you will get better pricing, more features, and a stronger upgrade path.

    When doing a review between StartLogic and BlueHost, you can also consider the feedback of other hosting buyers or contribute your own through our Voting Booth. Feel free to visit our Top 10 listing to learn more. Both BlueHost and StartLogic regularly rank in the major web hosting directories.

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