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  • StartLogic Dedicated Servers Review

    StartLogic Dedicated Hosting - How do I purchase a StartLogic Dedicated Server?

    Devon in Tempe, Arizona writes in about StartLogic's dedicated servers: I am interested in a StartLogic dedicated server but every time I go to their website to buy one of StartLogic's dedicated servers they are always out of stock. Does StartLogic offer dedicated hosting anymore?

    ThePlanet vs. StartLogic
    Low Cost Dedicated Servers In Stock, Same Day Setup

    Our answer:

    StartLogic dedicated hosting seems to be available, at least based on what their website promotes. However, we have often visited the dedicated server page at ourselves and have never found any of the StartLogic dedicated plans available for purchase. For that reason, we are inclined to think that although StartLogic may offer dedicated servers at some future point, for now StartLogic is not offering a dedicated hosting solution. It is unfortunate that StartLogic no longer offers dedicated hosting but this should not cause you too much stress. The StartLogic dedicated servers promoted at their website while good are neither the lowest cost dedicated hosting service nor the most feature rich. If you wanted to host your dedicated server at a Phoenix Internet data center we can understand your frustration that StartLogic no longer seems to offer dedicated hosting. However, there are some other dedicated web hosts that are worth comparing since your StartLogic dedicated server review seems to have struck a dead end.

    First, if you are looking for a really cheap dedicated server, try The Planet which offers server sales from time to time as low as $55 a month. They also offer complex firewall, private domain name servers, and VPN hosting that StartLogic's dedicated hosting packages did not provide access to. If you want to find a managed hosting solution or a dedicated server that offers large RAM and bandwidth allowances try SingleHop. Their budget dedicated hosting is highly regarded by web developers and IT professionals. Even better, when we reviewed the StartLogic dedicated server offerings, we found their servers, through entry level, very limited in terms of RAM. This will likely cause you frustration, particularly if you want to run a control panel application like cPanel or Plesk on a dedicated server for hosting large numbers of domain names. StartLogic is mostly a shared hosting company thus by considering a purely dedicated server provider like ThePlanet or SingleHop you are bound to find not only a larger selection of in stock dedicated servers but also a technical staff more focused on helping complex server side issues.

    Thus, we have to say that at the moment, StartLogic does not offer dedicated servers. Although the website has a dedicated hosting section, just like you we have found this page to be more of a placeholder rather than an actual offering, since you cannot seem to find any availability when it comes to buying a StartLogic dedicated web server. Thanks for reading our guide. If you want more dedicated server companies to compare StartLogic against, try visiting the Dedicated Server Showcase to find the latest dedicated hosting coupons available for hosts that actually have dedicated servers in stock.

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