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  • StartLogic VPSStartLogic VPS Hosting ReviewCompare StartLogic VPS

    StartLogic VPS Hosting Comparison

    Dennis in Toronto writes us: We're reviewing the StartLogic VPS hosting plan (VPSLogic) for our web design company. Is StartLogic VPS good or bad as a VPS web host and do you know of a better VPS host than StartLogic? VPS StartLogic VPS Hosting Response: To start, some people have problems locating the StartLogic VPS hosting package, called VPS Logic. To find this product simply visit this web page and look for the StartLogic VPS product specs on the lower right-hand area of the web page.

    After conducting a complete review of the StartLogic VPS hosting plan, we believe that StartLogic offers a good VPS hosting product for those seeking an inexpensive and feature-rich VPS hosting product. We have several StartLogic VPS hosting points we wish to draw your attention to that contributed to our favorable review of the StartLogic VPS hosting package.

    The first benefit of selecting StartLogic VPS is the price. At $29.95 per month, the StartLogic virtual private server is one of the cheapest VPS hosting accounts you can find. They do not offer Windows VPS hosting so the price is just for a Linux VPS product. However, with a contract term price for StartLogic VPS web hosting under $30 a month; that is a great deal for 20GB of web space and 1TB of bandwidth, which is what StartLogic includes in their first-level VPS hosting account.

    The second attribute that we found good with StartLogic VPS hosting was the ability for resellers and web design firms wanting VPS to host unlimited website and unlimited domain names. This is possible by using Command Line Administration with the StartLogic VPS plan. Our StartLogic VPS review feels that the level of web space and traffic make this quantity of websites possible although one negative is that some shared hosting products let you do the same with unlimited space and bandwidth. Unfortunately, there are no StartLogic VPS product with either unlimited disk space or unlimited transfer.

    The StartLogic VPS hosting package comes with significant software options, which is plus for advanced developers and potential StartLogic customers who are technically savvy. Installed software on the StartLogic VPS plan includes Debian 4 OS, Apache Web Server 2.0, PHP 5.0.4, and MySQL. There are a couple of control panel administration packages that are available with StartLogic's VPS hosting product, both Virtuozzo Power Panel and Plesk 8.3. Another plus with the StartLogic VPS hosting is the Monitor Resource Usage feature which lets you control your account usage to align any potential client usage with your overall allowances.

    Instant StartLogic VPS Hosting Product Setup Features

      StartLogic VPS Hosting Link - StartLogic
      StartLogic VPS Disk Space: 20 GB
      StartLogic VPS Bandwidth: 1 TB
      Cheapest StartLogic VPS Hosting Coupons Price: $29.95/month

    When reviewing StartLogic VPS hosting we recommend that you consider the company itself. StartLogic is a large web hosting company with shared hosting plans, dedicated servers, and of course VPS hosting. One positive here is that you can upgrade your VPS hosting account to a dedicated server should your hosting needs grow. One negative about this StartLogic VPS aspect is that StartLogic does not have an exclusive VPS product line and you will have the same technical support as their shared customers. This can lead to delays. If you want a VPS-only hosting company, try EasyCGI who offers price competitive Linux VPS packages.

    One final aspect to consider in your StartLogic VPS web hosting review is to consider which of the three StartLogic VPS hosting plan you want to select. The most obvious comparison on this StartLogic VPS element will be the web space, bandwidth and price that you are willing to pay. Things to think about here are your future needs and also your needs for your clients should you elect to use StartLogic VPS for reseller purposes. The other important difference between the various StartLogic virtual private server accounts is in terms of their memory, which is burstable up to 2GB on their high-end VPS hosting plan.

    StartLogic ranks in a number of Top 10 VPS hosting companies, and can be compared by visiting our Top 10 VPS ranking. You can visit StartLogic by clicking here. Thank you for your interest in reading our StartLogic virtual private server comments.

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