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    Web Host + SSL CertificateOur FREE SSL Certificate Tutorial Guide - How to Add SSL Certificates to your SSL Web Site Hosting at an Affordable PriceCheap Shared SSL Web Hosting Review

    SSL Hosting Question from Abe: What is an SSL Web Hosting Server and where can I buy the best SSL Certificate with cheap web hosting?

    SSL Certificate Secure Web Hosting Server Answer: SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL Web Site Hosting in turn uses an SSL Certificate that you buy through an SSL Web Host to enable cheap SSL Secure Hosting on your web hosting account. Using a low cost SSL certificate for authentication, shared SSL Hosting lets you deliver secure web pages to customers needing to submit confidential information, e.g. credit card data. SSL Hosting is most commonly associated with secure ecommerce website hosting. You can easily add an SSL Certificate for a one year period to any existing ecommerce online store hosting account or you can simply buy a new affordable SSL certificate, or third buy a new lower cost SSL hosting solution all together from a provider like midPhase. SSL Hosting look like normal web hosting accounts. In fact, you usually get your SSL Certificate after you have bought your hosting account. However, if you need SSL web hosting, the key to remember is that you should find an SSL Web Host that will ultimately be able to let you buy SSL certificates. Not all web hosts are SSL web hosts - some do not offer SSL Certificates. Cheap SSL and Affordable SSL certificates are a second issue to consider. Not all SSL Secure Hosting providers are reasonable in the price they charge for an SSL Certificate. Be sure to check the cost of SSL certificates with your selected SSL Web Hosting company. We have put together this SSL Tutorial to help you choose from a list of excellent and top quality SSL Certificate web hosting companies we found in our index. Our free provision of this SSL Certificate with Web Hosting guide is designed to let our business and secure personal data users find the cheapest SSL web server hosting anywhere on the Internet.

    Each of our 3 Recommended shared SSL Hosting providers are listed below. Visit each SSL web server hosting company to find the lowest cost SSL Hosting option for you while still meeting all your other web hosting needs, such as web space and bandwidth. A key to thing to remember when you want to purchase affordable shared SSL hosting is to verify the length each secure web host has been in business. The longer the better. If you want an SSL Certificate to run SSL secure hosting, you ensure in your review that each ranked secure data host has a feature called "SSL Secure Server". For your convenience, we have searched our secure web hosting directory and each of our Top Ranked Secure SSL Web Hosting providers offer SSL secure servers. The SSL Secure Server web hosting feature will confirm that you are looking at an SSL hosting plan capable of using an SSL Certificate to deliver reliable and trusted secure hsoting. SSL website hosting is quite easy to set-up and install, so if you are new to SSL Hosting, don't worry! Beginner webmasters will find the SSL host web servers offered by most shared SSL hosting companies to really simple to install and setup; with most hosts having complete step-by-step tutorials for paid customers. In addition, SSL web hosts will generally help you buy SSL certificates if you want your own private SSL certificate, install that SSL certificate for you, and then ensure that your SSL web hosting is functioning properly. Many SSL Hosting companies, such as the ones listed below and in our Top 10 SSL Web Hosts list, offer SSL Tutorial assistance through the technical support sections you have unlimited access to once you buy their SSL hosting solution plan.

    Buy SSL Certificates from these Cheap and Affordable SSL Web Hosts:

    #1 Top Ranked SSL Hosting Provider

    Cheap SSL Hosting - $5.95/month - Click Here!
    Cheap SSL Hosting - $5.95/month - Click Here!

    #2 Best SSL Hosting Web Server - An easy SSL Certificate Hosting Solution!

    Affordable SSL Secure Server Hosting and Cheap SSL Certificates
    Affordable SSL Secure Server Hosting and Cheap SSL Certificates - $5.95/month

    3rd Best Cheapest SSL Web Hosting from BlueHost

    SSL Hosting Web Server - Find our how to get a FREE SSL Certificate When you Buy SSL Hosting from $6.95/mo.
    SSL Hosting Web Server - Find our how to get a FREE SSL Certificate When you Buy SSL Hosting from $6.95/mo.

    Free SSL Web Hosting Free SSL Hosting is not recommended for commercial SSL Web Hosting since if you need SSL web hosting to begin with, you probably have a viable online business (or will have) and thus you should buy an SSL Certificate and get your own SSL Web Server Hosting account at a commercial vendor. For example, if you run an ecommerce store online, can you afford to share your SSL certificate? Probably not. Moreover, paid SSL Hosting provides many more account features than complementary SSL hosting, outside of the SSL Certificate itself, that will make your SSL solution choice, better in the long run and easier to maintain. Complementary SSL hosting isn't worth the savings, better a budget SSL hosting plan. Plus, using free SSL hosting is unreliable form of shared free SSL hosting and you can't totally control the budget SSL environment. In turn, this opens up security risks potentially leading to unwanted security breaches just because you were too cheap to spend a few dollars a month to buy good SSL hosting and a commercial SSL certificate. Buying a secure hosting account is very important once you decide to collect confidential information through an SSL certificate from your best web site visitors and clients.

    Buying shared SSL hosting is quite affordable now. In fact many web hosts offers an SSL certificate free with their shared SSL hosting plans. These shared SSL web hosting plans tend to be the entry level hosting account, and you may use a shared generic SSL certificate or purchase a dedicated personalized SSL Certificate if so desired. Consider both the HostMonster Web Host + SSL Certificate package and BlueHost's cheap Shared SSL Hosting account.

    Those needing a dedicated server environment for SSL hosting or their SSL certificate have a couple of options to locate and find a secure dedicated hosting provider. The best choice for top SSL dedicated server hosting is to visit midPhase - they have SSL dedicated servers from $139 a month. Alternatively, you may wish to visit the Dedicated Server Showcase to view vendors of cheap SSL certificates accompanied by managed and dedicated web hosting. wants to hear from you about your website SSL hosting experience when you buy an SSL Certificate from one of our low cost, secure web hosting providers. Hopefully our business guide has made getting SSL Certificates for Web Hosting easier - that was the goal. If you choose a top SSL web host from our best-ranked and reviewed list of premier SSL hosting companies, or if you buy an affordable SSL certificate elsewhere from a non top-ranked SSL web host (and simply add it onto your existing dedicated server or shared hosting), be sure to drop us a note. We collect user feedback (both from businesses and individuals) on SSL hosting / SSL certificate purchases and consider it for next month's SSL Hosting review that we publish for our readers complimentary. If you would like to compare SSL web hosts, you can visit our SSL Web Hosting showcase.

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