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    How Small Business Web Hosting Solutions Are Different for Small Companies vs. Large Ones Small Business Web Hosting Buyer Email from Jenny K.: Why doesn't my web host seem to have Small Business Web Site Hosting designed for my growing company? Where can I get the best small business web hosting service?

    Our Answer: Small Business web hosting is web hosting designed for small business. If you run or work for a small business you know exactly what that means. It means affordable web hosting for your small business without breaking the budget but still giving you the room to grow your website as your small business grows. How does small business web site hosting differ from regular hosting? First, small business web hosting plans provide affordable web hosting for small businesses or individuals about to start a small or home business. Too often web hosting companies charge small businesses the same prices they would for Fortune 500 corporate hosting. Second, regular hosting often assumes you have a web design firm. Maybe you do, but perhaps you just don't want to spend the dollars for one. That's why our recommendations in this review guide for cheap small business web hosting plans now offer something great! Small business web design hosting tools to create a website with easy to use web software is offered in each plan we recommend. Many discount small business web hosts offer free website design software including easy-to-use templates to get your online store or business presentation website online fast. Small business web page hosting is quite simply easier when you don't have to fret about how you will create your online website.

    Affordable Web Hosting for Small Businesses is now easy to find thanks to our 3 Top Cheap Small Business Web Hosting companies. Every month we examine all the low cost small business web hosting services (over 500 small business web hosting plans and packages this month) and then check them out to determine the best and cheapest web hosting solutions for all small businesses. Take a moment to review our premier ranked business web site hosting for small business services below:

    HostMonster - #1 Best Small Business Hosting Company
    Buy Small Business Web Site Hosting
    Small Business Web Site Hosting Rank: # 1
    Small Business Web Hosting Service Provider: HostMonster
    Do They Offer Free Small Business Web Design Software: Yes
    Small Business Web Hosting Plan Space and Bandwidth: Unlimited GB / Unlimited GB
    Small Business Hosting Solution Price: $5.95/mo.
    IX Web Hosting - #2 Web Hosting Company for Small Business
    Small Business Web Design Hosting
    IX Web Hosting
    Budget Small Business Hosting Rank: #2
    Small Business Email Hosting: IX Web Hosting
    Small Business Email Hosting: Unlimited
    Small Business Hosting Solution Storage Space / Transfer: Unlimited GB / Unlimited GB
    Affordable Web Hosting for Small Business Monthly Fee: $3.95/mo.
    BlueHost - #3 Top Final Small Business Web Hosting Service Provider
    Purchase Cheap Small Biz Hosting
    Affordable Small Biz SME Hosting Rank: #3
    Small Business Web Hosting Supplier: BlueHost
    Web Hosting for Small Business and Individuals? Yes
    Internet Small Business Hosting Features: 200 GB Space / 2000 GB of Traffic
    Web Hosting Solution Cost for Small Businesses: $6.95/mo.

    Cheap small business web hosting package just $5.95/month - Click Here!
    Cheap small business web hosting package just $5.95/month - Click Here!

    Finding the best small business email host may also be of interest to your company. In general, most small business email hosting providers will likely offer more email accounts than your business has employees. So with that said, be sure to consider the multiple online needs you have, as email accounts are one part of the total business email host package. In our opinion the best small business email host is HostMonster since they are the only business email web host to offer unlimited email accounts with their $5.95/month email hosting plan. Other highly recommended top small business email hosts include midPhase who offers also now offers unlimited business email host options and BlueHost who offers 2,500 e-mail hosting accounts in their $6.95/month webmail capable hosting account.

    Now that you've reviewed some of our top-ranked small business web hosting recommendations. Here are some extra benefits that each small business web host above offers. They all offer a FREE domain name for your small business web hosting plan. That means you could save up to $35, which is what some domain registration companies charge small businesses for domains. In addition, ecah of the above best small business web hosting services offer a complete 30-day money back guarantee. If you are considering one of these small business hosting plans or another small business hosting solution you've seen elsewhere, be sure that it has a money back guarantee. This way your business can try out their hosting and if you aren't happy, you can transfer your website or domain to another small business web hosting service. One question we are often asked about small business web site hosting is whether you should choose Linux or Windows? For most small businesses, either type of cheap small business web hosting plan will do. If you have advanced Microsoft databases you may need Windows, but 95% of small businesses and individuals choose the Linux platform since it offers the lowest cost small business hosting solution. If you have specific hosting feature needs, check the small business web design hosting plan you are considering to make sure the necessary technical support is there.

    Free Small Business web hosting services suggest caution. You are after all going to be doing business online. Think for a moment how a small business web hosting service that doesn't charge anything can offer any form of real reliability in their small business hosting plan. They can't! What you pay for it what you get. Free small business hosting isn't worth the downtime and lack of features you will experience. Just go out and spend a few bucks for some cheap small business web hosting - you will find your low cost monthly investment in a small business web hosting plan to be well worthwhile. If you need dedicated web hosting for your small business, servers generally start at about $99/month and can be found by visiting companies in our Small Business Dedicated Server showcase.

    Small business web site hosting buyers are encouraged to send us feedback. When you find a small business hosting solution we want to know whether it met your small business web hosting service needs. If so, send us details on your best selected web host so that we can consider their best web hosting solution for small business in our next ranking. Whether your SME is based in North America (US, Canada, Mexico), Europe (UK or EU), Asia or elsewhere, we still want to receive global feedback so be sure to contact us no matter where you are growing your small business today.

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