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  • Compare SingleHop versus Lunarpages

    A vs. Feature Comparison of Server Differences

    SingleHop - Transfer your Dedicated Server to Us & Save $$$
    SingleHop - Compare our Dedicated Hosting Plans against the Best

    Trying to do a SingleHop and Lunarpages hosting review? Need to know whether SingleHop is better than Lunarpages? If you are considering both SingleHop and Lunarpages for a dedicated hosting plan you should know about the hosting plan differences between the the two web hosting companies. First, a comparison of SingleHop and Lunarpages shows that both hosting companies have significant differences in terms of what is included with their dedicated server offerings. When you look at the pricing for SingleHop and Lunarpages, you can sometimes find a difference in your review depending upon whether any new SingleHop Lunarpages promos are running. Lunarpages often has web hosting sales which can reduce the cost of the hosting whereas SingleHop does not. However, absent a promo, the pricing for SingleHop vs. Lunarpages is quite different. Unlike SingleHop, with Lunarpages you can buy a dedicated server for less than one hundred dollars a month. SingleHop vs. Lunarpages both offer Windows and Linux dedicated servers. With Lunarpages you can buy cPanel on your dedicated servers if you wish to use it for reseller purposes. When you compare the product breadth at Lunarages to that which is offered by SingleHop, your review will show that SingleHop generally offers more powerful dedicated hosting products albeit at a higher monthly cost. On balance, we believe that when you look at the differences between SingleHop and Lunarpages, that Lunarpages is a better dedicated web host than SingleHop Inc.. If, however, you are comparing Lunarpages vs. SingleHop for more complex managed hosting needs, then you may find SingleHop offers better scaled products with larger server specs and bandwidth. The following SingleHop and Lunarpages Hosting Services comparison table is designed to show the most important differences and similarities between the SingleHop vs. Lunarpages entry level dedicated server packages.

    SingleHop and Lunarpages Servers

    Feature SingleHop Lunarpages
    Price $139/month $99/month
    Processor Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz Hyper-Threaded IntelĀ® Celeron 2.0ghz
    RAM 2048 MB 512 MB
    Bandwidth 2500GB 1000GB
    Remote Reboots Yes Yes

    In general, LP Dedicated is a better web hosting company than SingleHop (LPDedicated is the dedicated server division of Lunarpages). Keep in mind some other Lunarpages SingleHop facts to consider. While both web hosts generally receive good reviews by our users, SingleHop receives better customer feedback when it comes to server uptime and reliability. Uptime is better for SingleHop versus Lunarpages and SingleHop offers a 100% uptime guarantee policy. While we prefer Lunarpages vs. SingleHop due to lower prices, one thing to be careful of when reviewing the dedicated server products of SingleHop vs. Lunarpages is the RAM that comes with their dedicated servers. LPDedicated vs. SingleHop have big differences in the quantity of RAM included. IF you plan on using control panel software (which uses RAM) you should look to get more RAM than you think you need. SingleHop offers better RAM on their servers than Lunarpages, so you should keep that factor in mind. Both Lunarpages and SingleHop offers 24/7 technical support. You will find that SingleHop offers a proprietary control panel, called LEAP, with their dedicated servers whereas Lunarpages includes more traditional panels like cPanel. Depending upon your existing level of familiarity with these software applications, this may impact your decision to buy from either Lunarpages or SingleHop.

    Additional SingleHop vs. Lunarpages Questions

    As we get specific questions about comparing Lunarpages vs. SingleHop, we will post the SingleHop Lunarpages review answers here. When comparing SingleHop and Lunarpages, here are the questions people have asked so far.

    Where are Lunarpages and SingleHop Inc. based? Lunarpages is located in California. SingleHop is based in Chicago.

    Who is an older web host, Lunarpages or Host Monster? Lunarpages is a more established company than SingleHop, which was only founded recently. The management team at SingleHop previously built midPhase before selling the company and moving onto to SingleHop.

    Have a SingleHop versus Lunarpages comparison question? Email us at; subject Lunarpages SingleHop review question. We hope that this free web host comparison guide has been useful to help you decide whether to buy SingleHop or to purchase Lunarpages dedicated servers or managed hosting products. For more dedicated hosting suggestions, you can always visit our Dedicated Server Showcase.

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