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  • Shoutbox Hosting Review

    Where to Buy Cheap Shout Box Web Hosting that Works

    Amber in Michigan asks us: I need to find shoutbox hosting - what can I find the cheapest and best shoutbox web hosting that your shout box hosting directory can recommend?

    Our ShoutBox Hosting Answer:Shoutbox Web Hosting is low cost web hosting with script support that lets you run shoutboxes on your website.

    Here are our Top Shoutbox Hosting Recommendations for the current month:

    Top Shout Box Hosting Provider - BlueHost | Linux-ShoutBox Web Hosting Review Winner
    Shout Box Web Server Space:Unlimited GB
    ShoutBox Traffic Allowances Reviewed: Unlimited GB
    Cheap Shout Box Hosting Pricing: $4.95/month
    Visit: - New Browser will open
    2nd Best Shout Box Hosting Provider - HostMonster
    Best ShoutBox Hosting Web Space:Unlimited GB
    Linux ShoutBox Bandwidth Review: Unlimited GB
    Cheap ShoutBox Web Hosting Costs $4.95/month (On Sale)
    Visit: - New Browser will open

    What is ShoutBox? Shoutbox is a type of chat functionality that can be added to your web site making it possible for website visitors to quickly leave messages. Once you decide to use a shout box app on your site, you will need to find a Shoutbox web host who is capable of supporting it.

    Cheap Linux cPanel Hosting with ShoutBox Support from BlueHost

    What should I look for in a Shoutbox host? The best Shoutbox hosts will offer a number of important Shoutbox hosting service features - you should not buy Shoutbox hosting products unless the following are included:

  • 30-Day Refund Period for any Shoutbox Hosting Account - This lets you try what you purchase to ensure that you have really located the very top Shoutbox web host for your particular needs.

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee - A paid shoutbox web host should deliver guaranteed uptime (unlike those free Shoutbox web hosts that are so unrealiable). Reliable shoutbox hosting is an important precursor to getting high quality Shoutbox web hosting.

  • Lots of Space & Bandwidth - Don't accept any Shoutbox host without at least 100GB of disk space and 1TB of traffic. These are the industry norms.

  • Pricing - Whether you are using your Shoutbox for business or personal use, there is no need to spend lots of money on Shoutbox hosting. While you don't want to use the free Shoutbox hosting solutions - because of their crowded servers - a commercial Shoutbox host should not cost more than $15 a month. You can view Linux web hosts at our Linux Hosting Showcase.

  • Shoutbox hosting doesn't need a dedicated server. However, you may want dedicated hosting for Shoutbox if your website is expecting large amounts of traffic. You can review various managed hosting and dedicated server hosts that support Shoutbox applications in our Dedicated Server Showcase. Expect dedicated Shoutbox hosting to start at $99 and go up.

    We want to hear about your personal and business Shoutbox website hosting experiences to help us expand our Shoutbox hosting resource & guide. If you have high-quality shout box hosting recommendations or comments on a good or bad shoutbox web host be sure to email us at This Shoutbox hosting article was updated in 2009 and includes user feedback about Shoutbox hosting from our Top 10 web host rankings.

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