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    Finding the Best and Cheapest Shopping Cart Hosting Available User Email: Where can I find Shopping Cart Hosting that is cheap, affordable, and will work for my new online business?

    Our Answer: Shopping Cart Hosting is a critical element of any online business strategy. Shopping Cart Web Hosting is different than normal web hosting because it comes with special account settings that let you install or run an existing shopping cart at your online storefront. Shopping cart hosting comes in two categories. The first type of shopping cart hosting is one where there is a pre-installed shopping cart. These are the best type of shopping cart hosting. The second category of shopping cart hosting is regular web hosting accounts that permit you to install custom shopping cart applications. This is more technical and thus not as popular as pre-installed shopping cart web hosting packages. However, for Shopping Cart Web Hosting for developers needing flexibility in their shopping cart hosting purchase and hosting environment, this second category of ecommerce shopping cart web hosting may be more desirable. It depends on how comfortable you are with web design and installing scripts. Choosing a cheap web hosting plan that already has shopping cart software will make getting your online store easier and quicker. For most new businesses online, this is the best solution. Once your store grows, you can always purchase a 3rd-party shopping cart application and then host it at your existing shopping cart hosting company.

    Shopping cart prices and the monthly cost to host a shopping cart online is another important aspect of a shopping cart hosting review. Unlike shopping cart web hosting in the past, today's shopping cart hosting is usually a subset feature of a normal eCommerce hosting plan. For example, in the past (say around 2002) you would have needed to buy a separate module for your shopping cart software. Today, shopping carts (or the ability to install them) are available within entry level hosting packages. The biggest implication of this for shopping cart hosting buyers is that shopping cart hosting is more affordable today than ever before. In fact, some web hosts like HostMonster and BlueHost offer top quality and reliable shopping cart hosting for just $5.95/month and $6.95/month respectively. If that isn't cheap shopping cart hosting, we don't know what is. Plus, HostMonster's cheap shopping cart hosting is very reliable with 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

    Of course, when consider which best shopping cart web host to purchase from, keep in mind all the normal account feautes you desire. Part of the benefit of shopping cart hosting being part of the normal hosting plan is that you don't need to seek out a cheap external shopping cart web hosting solution. However, remember that cheap shopping cart web hosting is just one element of your website. You will still need to consider the bandwidth and web space your shopping cart users will consume in order to make the best shopping cart hosting decision. When you look down the spec sheet of a hosting plan, you will often see "Free Shopping Cart Hosting." This doesn't mean that the hosting plan itself is free (though with plans for $5 and change, it's pretty darn close.) Instead free shopping cart Hosting simply means the feature is included in the basic hosting plan without any additional fees.

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    Lastly, in your shopping cart web hosting search, be sure to consider ecommerce reputation. Once you create your online store and set-up your shopping cart within the web hosting plan, you don't want downtime or your shopping cart web host to close down. Losing your shopping cart web hosting company is a major pain and disadvantage to your business. For that reason, if you need shopping cart hosting, we recommend one of the following four shopping cart hosting providers, who have all been around for many years and demonstrated their ability to host shopping cart software without problems. They are:

    HostMonster - Grade: A+
    - HostMonster offers cheap shopping cart web hosting services. Their $6.95 per month shopping cart account option includes cheap shopping cart hosting within their standard hosting package and a fully hosted shopping cart. Trying to compare ecommerce shopping cart hosts? Make your shopping cart host comparison easier. Ultimately, HostMonster earns our top shopping cart hosting review ranking because they bring together everything you need for a successful online ecommerce store with free included shopping cart hosting software.

    BlueHost - Grade: A
    - BlueHost receives a good grade in our shopping cart web hosting review as well. More expensive than HostMonster, the company supplies a great shopping cart software program in their cheap shopping cart hosting plan. At $6.95 per month, their shopping cart hosting package is cheap and affordable and makes a great shopping cart offer for small businesses.

    IX Web Hosting - Grade: B+ - If what you want is fantastic small business shopping cart website hosting, then this company is the right one. Why? First, you just can't find a bigger ecommerce shopping cart hosting plan. Still affordable at $5.95 a month, IX Web Hosting Business Plan offers the most webspace and bandwidth we've seen with any shopping cart website hosting package (UNLIMITED!). Second, the free website builder software included alongside the shopping-cart enabled hosting plan allows you to quickly design a website - even one that incorporates shopping carts - with very little effort.

    HostGator - Grade: B - Not often talked about, HostGator represents a hidden winner when it comes to cheap cart hosting. With multiple shopping carts included, HostGator offers low cost shopping cart web hosting even if you only want a 1 year plan. Their two-year low cost cart hosting is priced at $5.95 per month and their one year shopping cart contract plan is just $6.95 a month. Worth a look for those unsure about their shopping cart plans longer-term.

    Send us your feedback about shopping cart hosting and cheap shopping cart web site hosting integration to Don't forget that most shopping cart software applications require MySQL support so be sure to use a web host that offers MySQL Hosting. If you have any user feeback, good or bad, about when you tried to compare a shopping cart host that our shopping cart hosting directory (or any other ecommerce hosting review) recommended we would love to hear from you.

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